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February 2001: DVD available from Pioneer
SNES Seima Kourinden guide found
December 2000: First Pioneer tapes delayed again
FAQ version 1.15 now available
Italian anime RPG
October 2000: First Pioneer tapes delayed again
FAQ version 1.15 now available
Italian anime RPG
September 2000: Super Manga Blast! #5 delayed
Transcript of second New Generation chat posted
Manga #35 in December, but no calendar
Doujinshi discovered
August 2000: Anime release date slips
Dub premiere this weekend
Super Manga Blast updates
July 2000: Anime Expo announcements
Jonathan Klein interview
Papercraft book published
More UFO catcher cuteness
Second best album: VINTAGE A
Game promo video, hints
May 2000: publication dates
UFO Catcher dolls
April 2000: Vintage S track list
new DORA MAJI!? manga
Super Manga Blast on sale
Another Story details
New Generation dub updates
Manga Max, Animerica features
2000 calendar images
March 2000: Next Generation dub, DVD news
Radio Comix interview
2000 calendar, SFC hintbook discovered
3x3eyes.com finds new home
Takada artbook updates, more new books
Super Manga Blast at DHC site
Takada recovery status
Megumi Hayashibara best album
January 2000: Yuzo Takada hospitalized
Japanese publication updates
lots of links
T-shirt artwork chosen
1999 - 1998 - 1997 - 1996 - 1995
Mailbag Extras
February 1999
September 1998
Translation News
Katsucon 2 Report
Toren Smith on Manga Censorship

Please be aware that pages in the archives are no longer updated and may contain broken links.

This page contains an index of all of the news updates from this website and my previous 3x3 Eyes websites, 3x3 Eyes Info and Takada News. (Each time the web address changed, so did the name.) Most news stories from the 3x3 Eyes Info site are taken from its Calendar section. Old news stories were not archived on that site, which is why the format looks different. Much of the old site-related news would not have made much sense after being moved to this site anyway.

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