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News - October 2000

October 31, 2000

First Pioneer tapes delayed again

Every 3x3 Eyes fan hates to hear the word "delay", but this time the news is not too bad. The first 3x3 Eyes VHS tapes from Pioneer have not yet shown up in stores. It appears that the official release date has not been changed, but instead Pioneer is having some issues with their warehouse. As reported by The Right Stuf, Pioneer's warehouse was closed until October 6th, but this was not expected to affect the ship dates of their titles. However, when I contacted Jonathan Klein of New Generation Pictures, he had this to share:

I heard it will be out on Halloween, Tuesday Oct. 31st. Yes, it was this re-organization of their warehouse that probably delayed it. I'm sorry that I'll be out of the country when it's released.
The 2nd Volume Box art is done. The DVD version is still being worked on.

I was hoping to have more concrete news to offer in this update, but I suppose the tapes may show up in stores today. As far as I know, the second set of tapes is scheduled for November 28, and the DVD set will be available on December 26.

FAQ version 1.15 now available

The latest version of the 3x3 Eyes FAQ is now online. This update is long overdue, but I hope it was worth it. The next version will probably not be too far away, what with the upcoming Pioneer releases as well as a new manga volume coming out in Japan in December.

Italian anime RPG

Federica Ugliano announced on the 3x3 Eye ML that the long-rumored anime RPG is now available in Italy. Originally the rulebook was going to include an expansion covering 3x3 Eyes, developed with the input of Yuzo Takada himself. It now appears that this expansion will be published later as a separate volume. Italy is obviously more appreciative of quality manga than the USA, since much of 3x3 Eyes has already been published there in translated form.

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