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News - April 2000

April 15, 2000

Vintage S

Yukinori Hidano pointed me toward two new Japanese product pages. The first has details about the reprinted AiEN KiEN artbook by Yuzo Takada. If you have the first edition, the only real difference is that the new version is hardcover. Next is an updated page for the Megumi Hayashibara best album, VINTAGE S. Even if you can't read Japanese, check out the page for the RealAudio samples. Here's the track listing for the CD, along with the related anime (if any):

  1. Give a reason (Slayers Next)
  2. ~infinity~∞ (Lost Universe)
  3. Going History (Slayers EX)
  4. Until Strawberry Sherbet (Bakuretsu Hunter)
  5. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Slayers Movie)
  6. Touch Yourself (Slayers Special)
  7. raging waves (Slayers Gorgeous)
  8. ~Sorekara~
  9. Successful Mission (Saber Marionette J)
  10. Fine colorday (Banneko TV)
  11. Lively Motion (Saber Marionette J to X)
  12. Proof of Myself (Saber Marionette J to X)
  13. A HOUSE CAT (Banneko DASH!)
  14. Oyasuminasai Ashita wa Ohayou (Banneko TV)
  15. Niji Iro no Sneaker

Megu-san provides the voices for Pai, Nuku Nuku, and Momiji from Blue Seed, so it's not surprising that Takada-sensei illustrated the cover of this CD. In case you couldn't guess from the tracklist above, she's also the voice of Lina Inverse from Slayers. I don't have any of Megumi's earlier CDs, but I plan to pick this one up for the Nuku Nuku songs and the bonus VHS video. Remember, this CD is limited, available only between April 26 and July 31, so order your copy soon! (For a funny look at Megumi's singing career, check out the Music section of Megumi Hayashibara: An Introduction.)


I love titles with funny punctuation. But anyway, Yukinori Hidano sent along some more goodies for Takada-sensei's latest manga, "Gorioshi jouju - DORA MAJI!?" (The first part of the title translates to something like "Steamrolling towards fulfillment" - the word jouju has religious overtones.) Hidano-san says the manga is a little bit like Blue Seed, but for younger kids. The two main characters are Kaminari-Ryu Doramaji, a boy dragon-god with magical powers, and Akari Mizutani, a primary school student that by chance helps out Doramaji. To pay her back, Doramaji offers to grant her three wishes, and he ends up hanging around her house. Since the manga should be fairly easy to read, hopefully it will be published in tankoubon form one day. There's little chance any of us will see it otherwise, except for scans of the cover pages:

Dora Maji chapter 3 original illustration

The first picture is the cover of chapter 3. (More scans are below.) The second picture is a collector's item from Yukinori Hidano's collection: 3x3 Eyes manga #25 with an original signed illustration by Yuzo Takada. If you didn't know by now that Hidano-san was a hardcore fan, there's the proof.

April 7, 2000

SMB! on sale now

The release date of Super Manga Blast! slipped a week, but it should now be available at your local comic shop. Check out the link above for lots of information about the monthly manga anthology, including the Pat Duke interview that seemed to vanish from the Studio Proteus page. Don't miss the long-awaited continuation of the translated 3x3 Eyes manga!

New Takada manga

Yuzo Takada-sensei has created a new manga called "Gori osi jyoujyu - DORA MAJI!?" The last part of the title is short for "dragon magic", but the whole thing looks more like Nuku Nuku than 3x3 Eyes to me. Two chapters were published by Shogakugan in the March and April issues of magazines targeted at young (9-11 year old) kids, and a new chapter was just published in a May magazine. More chapters are promised for the future. Thanks to Yukinori Hidano for the news, and for these scans of the manga title pages (select for larger images):

Dora Maji chapter 1 Dora Maji chapter 2 3x3 Eyes resumes

The third picture above is from Young Magazine, announcing that the 3x3 Eyes manga was resuming in March. Takada-sensei is still not fully recovered, but it seems he is well enough to work.

Another Story details

The book 3x3 Eyes: Another Story, which became available in Japan on March 23, is a collection of short stories by Katsumi Ishitsuka, Akinori Endo, and Shinichi Kusano. There are seven stories in all, and here the translated story titles.

  1. True Tale of Houasyo "White Snake Legend" (Hakujaden)
  2. The Sorrow of Salaryman Benares
  3. Yohko and Yoriko's Ghost Extermination
  4. Haan's "This is crazy! Japanese people"
    (Haan no "Koko ga hen da yo! Nihonjin")
  5. Demon School
  6. Pai and Yakumo's Gourmet Day
  7. Valley of Gold

The first story title is a reference to an ancient Chinese legend about a girl that was a white snake in a previous life. The legend was the subject of a classic 1958 anime movie. The fourth story title refers to a popular Japanese TV show. The book also includes a "3-D real papercraft Fei-Oh". I have a feeling this was a preview for the 3x3 Eyes Youma Rittai Zukan (Monster 3-D Picture Book) to be published later this month.

New Generation dub updates

Mike Hulme attended the online chat with New Generation pictures, the company producing the new dub of the 3x3 Eyes anime. Here's what he had to say:

Jonathan of New Generation Pictures said that he hopes to have 3x3 eyes screened at the next Anime Expo. It sounds like they are very enthusiastic about the project (I bet greg of Gargoyles, will fit right in with the job of Anime voice director even though it's his first). It's supposed to use stereo sound with surround effects (thanks to shabranigdo for asking about that one). They had some advice on the translations from Toren Smith and Toshi (from Viz). I asked them if one or two people were going to play Pai and Parvati and they said that their two top actresses who they had to play the part, were got by a TV series on the sci-fi channel and a movie. They want one actress to play Pai/Sanjiyan but they don't want to do it like Streamline did it, as it made him cringe ^_^.

Also, Number 6 wrote in to point out a Gargoyles web page where Greg Weisman answers questions from fans. In a message posted there, he reveals the some of the cast for the new dub, including the voice actors for Pai/Sanjiyan and Yakumo. The most exciting news to me was that he says it will be a two volume release, which means that the entire second OAV series will be released on one tape or DVD, similar to the Perfect Collection for the first series. Hopefully each 2-hour volume will have a nice low price.

Manga Max, Animerica features

Mike Hulme also pointed out that issue 16 of Manga Max magazine contains a 3-page article on 3x3 Eyes. This is a UK magazine, but according to an advert in Super Manga Blast! #1, it is available worldwide. Ask for it at your local comic shop.

Also, the latest issue of Animerica focuses the Animerica Spotlight on 3x3 Eyes. The 4-page article contains an introduction to the series, information about Yuzo Takada, and 9 character profiles. Thanks to Zach Rasmussen for this news.

2000 calendar images

Yukinori Hidano, in addition to finding the Dora Maji manga above, was lucky enough to receive one of the very limited copies of the 3x3 Eyes 2000 calendar. He sent along some images of the first two pages so that the rest of us poor souls could at least see what it looks like. Enjoy. (Select the images below to see larger versions.)

Dora Maji chapter 1 Dora Maji chapter 2

I like the cherry blossoms in the second image.

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