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3x3 Eyes Mailing List

The 3x3 Eyes Mailing List is for discussion via e-mail of all topics related to 3x3 Eyes with fans from around the world. More information is available on the mailing list home page. The home page has a form for easily subscribing to the list, and a searchable archive of mailing list digests. The archive files can also be downloaded via anonymous FTP from ftp://ftp.sazan.net/pub/3x3EyesML/

Spanish Mailing List

Andres G. Mendoza has started a 3x3 Eyes (3x3 ojos) mailing list for Spanish-speaking fans. For more information, visit the ONElist web site at www.onelist.com and search for the "Sazan" mailing list. There you can subscribe to the list and view the message archive.

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