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News - February 2001

February 27, 2001

The DVD is here!

Despite pushing back the release date from February 6 to today, the 3x3 Eyes Collectors Edition DVD from Pioneer is finally here! Amazingly enough, some people even received their DVDs early. Amazon.com orders were arriving last week, and my order from CDNow showed up on Monday. (By the way, the DVD is currently ranked 137 on the Amazon.com sales chart.) I will have a detailed roundup of the Pioneer releases soon, but for now I just have one comment: Buy this DVD now! Also, don't be discouraged by the $60 list price. With a 15% off coupon I found online, I was able to get the set including shipping for under $40.

SNES guide found at last

Thanks to Ebay (and a seller in Japan), I finally tracked down a copy of the Seima Kourinden Perfect Guide for the SNES roleplaying game. It contains 159 pages of maps, item data, monster statistics, and a complete walkthrough. The book is full-color and seems very comprehensive, but staring at all the Japanese text gave me a headache. I will update the Books section once my scanner will work without crashing my PC.

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