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News - December 2000

December 31, 2000

What delays?

After much waiting, I have finally received half of my order from Buy.com, Pioneer's dubbed 3x3 Eyes: Immortals on VHS. I'm still waiting on the subtitled version of the tapes. I posted a preliminary review to the 3x3 Eyes ML, and I will have a more detailed comments in a few days. Here are some pictures I took of the packaging:

VHS case VHS contents

To the best of my knowledge, the first volume was never officially delayed, but there were problems supplying enough tapes to various stores. It now appears that the second VHS volume was pushed back to December 19, 2000 (not that I've seen it anywhere yet). Sadly, the DVD set has also been delayed to February 6, 2001. Here is a preview of the DVD cover:

DVD cover

Kodansha manga website in English

Yukinori Hidano alerted me to KODANCLUB.com, the official English site for Kodansha Ltd. The site's purpose is to provide "accurate information in English about Kodansha's Manga (Japanese comics) works. Of course, 3x3 Eyes is included in the popular works section. It's nice to see Japanese companies taking a greater interest in the worldwide market, like the English-language site of Newtype magazine.

Hidano-san also let me know that 3x3 Eyes #35 has been published, though it hasn't arrived at my local Japanese bookstore yet.

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