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News - July 2000

July 31, 2000

Anime Expo announcements

Both Pioneer and New Generation Pictures were at Anime Expo 2000 talking about the upcoming sub/dub release. Details are available at A Fan's View and Anime on DVD. Here is the official word on the release:

VHS volumes, $34.98 each (available dub or sub):
Immortals 08/08/2000
The Demon Seal 10/10/2000
DVD Collection 12/28/2000 $64.98 (sub/dub)

Jonathan Klein interview

I recently had a brief email discussion with Jonathan Klein, one of the producers on the new 3x3 Eyes dub/sub/DVD. Read the full interview here, which answers some questions raised by the Anime Expo announcement above. Also, if you missed the first New Generation Pictures online chat back in March, you can read a transcript at About.com.

Papercraft book published

The 3x3 Eyes papercraft book Youma Rittai Zukan was delayed a month, but Yukinori Hidano let me know that it went on sale in Japan as of May 24. (Maybe the earlier 4/24 date was a typo?) There are seven 'monsters' included: Kuu-yon, Mugero, Fei-Oh, Takuhi, Tsuo-lin, Ruru, and Little Amara (excuse my spelling). You can see the critters in 3-D on the book cover. Also included is a Pai sticker. The book is the same size as a normal manga volume and costs 1500 yen.

More cuteness

In the May update I mentioned finally finding five 3x3 Eyes UFO catcher dolls, only to learn that there's a sixth doll, Fei-Oh. Well, Yukinori Hidano let me know there's a seventh as well, Megumi Hayashibara. Yes, they made a doll of Pai's voice actress, and here's the proof:
Megumi doll
If I'm lucky, one of these will show up on Ebay one day.

Second best album: VINTAGE A

Speaking of Megu-san, she released a second best album in Japan titled VINTAGE A. Like the previous album VINTAGE S, there are no 3x3 Eyes songs, but this one again has a Nuku Nuku song of some sort.

Game promo video, hints

I digitized the 5-minute video that comes with the PC Engine game. Parental advisory: contains animated violence and gore. The AVI file is as small as possible, so the quality isn't great, but it's still 13 MB (using the Intel Indeo codec). The video is just a commercial for the game, but it's still kinda nice.

By the way, for those of you trying to play the PC Engine game with MagicEngine, be sure to use the very latest version of the program (0.9.7 beta 2). And for the crazy souls fighting their way through the giant Mega-CD RPG, take a look at the notes on Michael Hulme's web site.

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