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News - August 2000

August 4, 2000

Anime release date slips

Last month at Anime Expo, Pioneer announced the release dates of the new sub/dub. Sadly, the August 8 date for the first VHS tape has slipped, and it will not be available until October 10. I contacted Jonathan Klein on Wednesday to see what had happened, and here is his response:

Yes, the release date has been delayed for 2 reasons. 1) We were waiting for Kodansha to send us an approved list of end credits for the show. And they took their sweet time getting back to us (We just got them back yesterday) 2) Recently Pioneer discovered original 3x3 Eyes masters, that were in much better shape than the masters we were using. So in order to bring everybody the highest quality product possible we spent the last 10 days restoring the new dub/sub/dvd with the better print.

As it stands now, 3x3 will come out a month apart Vol 1-October, Vol 2-November and the DVD box set in December.

Also, I've heard from Pioneer that Vol 2 will be called "Legend of the Divine Demon". Hooray!

Wow, original masters! I'm really looking forward to the DVD release now. It's great they restored the original title of the second series, too. By the way, you can already pre-order 3x3 Eyes - Immortals, either sub or dub, from Buy.com for only $21.99.

Dub premiere this weekend

Even though the anime won't be available in stores this month, you still have a chance to see the new dub if you're in Orlando, Florida this weekend. The dub will be premiered at The Gathering 2000, a Gargoyles convention. Greg Weisman, voice director of the new 3x3 Eyes dub, is also the creator of the Gargoyles TV show. The dub also features several of the Gargoyles voice actors. Thanks to CrzyDemona for the scoop.

Super Manga Blast updates

I've been happy to discover that Super Manga Blast! has been available at many local comic shops, but last month everywhere I checked was sold out (another good sign). Anyway, the magazine can also be ordered onine from TFAW.com, and there's a discount off the already-low price if you preorder upcoming issues. The two translated TPBs are still available as well. Get my point? Buy it!

By the way, I noticed in the June 2000 Fan Feedback on the Studio Proteus site that 3x3 Eyes will finish the first animated storyline (from the "Perfect Collection") before the end of the year. It will take a little longer to finish the storyline from the second anime series, but the anime is quite a bit different from the manga, so I recommend checking it out. There's still no word on when the next 3x3 Eyes TPB, Flight of the Demon, collecting the SMB chapters will be available.

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