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News Archive - 1999

December mailing list T-shirt project
individual CD pages added
November Yuzo Takada artbook announced
Winamp skins unlocked
new Genzo fan site
manga vol. 32 sales
October Dark Horse manga anthology confirmed
recent publication updates
September 2000 calendar news
Genzo Hitogata Kiwa products
August Pioneer acquires US anime rights
Windows hint book discovered
June-July no news - Dave moves to USA
May Manga translation updates
Another World
April MGM pulls anime titles
Another World book announced
Nuku Nuku, Blue Seed 2 DVDs
March Product pictures
3x3 Eyes calendar source
February Nuku Nuku manga TV ad
3x3 Eyes TV update
Manga 2000 Calendar
~Juuma Houkan~ Game FAQ
January Spanish mailing list
Ancient Eyes PBeM campaign
SNES game translation
MGM anime release confirmed

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