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News - September 2000

September 17, 2000

Super Manga Blast! #5 delayed

Although issue 5 of SMB! was scheduled for August 9, it was delayed until September 13. According to this month's Fan Feedback on the Studio Proteus web site, the delay was caused by Radio Comix leaving the project. This latest issue is now available in comic shops, though, and future issues should be returning to a regular monthly schedule. Thanks to Chris Hughes-san on the 3x3 ML for spotting this news.

By the way, if you go back to the August Fan Feedback on the SP site, you'll see a question from me about future 3x3 Eyes trade paperbacks. According to Toren, TPBs will depend on "sales factors, fan and retailer feedback, and a variety of other factors." For now, you can buy back issues of SMB!, but it probably wouldn't hurt to send a message to Studio Proteus or Dark Horse and let them know you want to see more TPBs for 3x3 Eyes.

Transcript of second New Generation chat posted

Anime.About.com has posted a transcript of the second chat with New Generation Pictures back on July 27. They mainly discuss Nanako, but there are some comments about 3x3 Eyes as well. Jonathan Klein and Taliesin Jaffe were entertaining as always, so it's a good read.

Manga #35 in December, but no calendar

According to the Young Magazine web site, 3x3 Eyes #35 will be published on December 6. That was the good news. The bad news is that there will be no 3x3 Eyes calendar next year, or any other calendar by Yuzo Takada. If you want to put a little positive spin on this news, it means we foreign fans will be spared the disappointment of not being able to obtain the calendar. (I'm still upset I couldn't find the Genzo calendar last year.) Anyway, if you want a Kodansha calendar featuring some manga monsters, check out Amon Devilman: Apocalypse (3rd down on right).

Doujinshi discovered

I almost forgot! I recently got two 3x3 Eyes doujinshi (fan-produced comics): Kuru Kuru Pai and Dai-San Koukyoukyoku (Third Symphony). Here are pictures of the fronts and backs of the books.

Doujinshi fronts Doujinshi backs

Kuru Kuru Pai is hilarious. I acquired the manga from Doki Doki Station for a rather high price, but this stuff is next to impossible to find even in Japan, so I thought it was justified.

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