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News Archive - 1996

[This is old news from the 3x3 Eyes Info site. All links are broken, all speculation is wrong.]

Nov. 16-17, 1996:
VTAS, the Animation Society of Virginia Tech, held AnimeFest XVII. They showed lots of cool anime, including all seven of the 3x3 Eyes OAVs subtitled! VTAS is my local anime club (one of them, at least), and AnimeFest has become sort of a mini-con, with dealers and everything.
Oct. 14, 1996:
Manga UK released 3x3 Eyes Pt 5.
Sept. 30, 1996:
The 1997 3x3 Eyes calendar is available in Japan. Contact your favorite anime importer to order the calendar.
Sept. 9, 1996:
Manga UK released 3x3 Eyes Pt 4.
Aug. 12, 1996:
Manga UK should have released 3x3 Eyes Pt 3 in the UK. Since they have already released the first four 3x3 Eyes OAVs as Parts 1 and 2, I assume this will be the first episode of the new anime. Since it's from Manga, expect a dub-only release.
Aug. 6, 1996:
Volume 23 of the 3x3 Eyes manga went on sale in Japan.
June 25, 1996:
The third and final episode of the new 3x3 Eyes OAV series was released in Japan. Hopefully more videos will follow in the not-too-distant future.
June 5, 1996:
A new CD soundtrack (KICA 305) was released in Japan. It contains music from the second and third new OAVs, and one (rather good) jpop song. More information is available on the products page.
June 3, 1996:
3x3 Eyes Mailing List grand opening!
The 3x3 Eyes ML is the place to find out the latest 3x3 Eyes news, discuss the anime or manga, and meet fellow 3x3 Eyes fans from around the world.
May 8, 1996:
Volume 22 of the 3x3 Eyes manga went on sale in Japan.
Mar. 8-10, 1996:
Katsucon 2! Read my report about the convention, including notes from my chat with Toren Smith.
Feb. 27, 1996:
3x3 Eyes: Curse of the Gesu #5 shipped from Dark Horse Comics. This is the last issue in the "Curse of the Gesu" series, and Dark Horse has not yet decided if it wants to continue publishing 3x3 Eyes. If you want to see more of the 3x3 Eyes manga translated, go to my Support Translated 3x3 Eyes! page for information.
February 1996:
The first Blue Seed video was released in the United States by A.D. Vision. This excellent TV show, also created by Yuzo Takada, is a supernatural story with many of the same elements that made 3x3 Eyes so popular.
Jan. 30, 1996:
3x3 Eyes: Curse of the Gesu #4 shipped from Dark Horse Comics. This one also has a "Mature Readers" label.

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