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The Features area contains articles and editorials on a variety of topics related to 3x3 Eyes, as well as coverage of special events like contests. This section was originally intended to be somewhat like a monthly webzine, but that was taking too much time away from the rest of the site, so the idea has been abandoned. New articles will still appear on occasion, though.


Top Ten 3x3 Eyes Products
(September 1998)
An updated version of the original top ten list from the 3x3 Eyes Info pages.
3x3 Eyes 10th Anniversary Contest
(July 1998)
The winners of a rather unconventional contest including comments on all of the entries.

Future topics may include a multi-part article on 3x3 Eyes and Hindu mythology, a look at Chinese paper charm magic, and a comparison of the Japanese anime and manga with the translated versions. Another contest is also in the planning stages, and future anime convention coverage may be included as well.

Submission Guidelines

Anyone is welcome to write a feature for this website. If you think of something you believe would be of interest to fellow 3x3 Eyes fans, go ahead and send it in. It could be a critique of the voice actors in the English dubbed anime, a look at 3x3 Eyes in your corner of the world, or an investigative report on why Yakumo always seems to have his eyes closed. The only requirements are that the article be at least one page in length and not already covered by a previous feature. I reserve the right to edit submissions before posting them (to fix spelling, add HTML, and so forth). See the Feedback page for contact information.

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