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News - January 2000

January 30, 2000

Clarification of Takada's Condition

To clarify the update below, Yuzo Takada-sensei does not have a hernia but a herniated disk. This should have been clear from the Young Magazine announcement, but I confused the medical terminology. Thanks for The_Barn for writing in to point this out.

January 27, 2000

Yuzo Takada Hospitalized

The following announcement appeared in issue 8-2000 of Young Magazine, explaining why the 3x3 Eyes manga has been missing from recent issues. (Sorry for my poor translation.)

`3x3 Eyes' brief absence announcement

Since the combined issue 5-6 of Young Magazine, we said that `3x3 Eyes' did not appear for the sake of author collection of materials(?), but Yuzo Takada-sensei's sudden illness is the real reason it did not appear. We report that he has been under medical treatment up to now. At first, we assumed he would make an early comeback, so we did not want to cause readers to worry, so we apologize for falsifying the reason the manga did not appear.

Takada-sensei, at the end of last year, while writing the chapter of `3x3 Eyes' planned for the combined issue 5-6, collapsed with acute pain in his hip and was transported to the hospital. As a result of the examination, he was diagnosed with a hernia of the intervertebral disk and hospitalized, and he is still recovering. About the resumption of the serial manga, we will make an announcement as soon as possible, but please wait a little while.

Weekly Young Magazine Editorial Department

In other words, Takada-sensei is currently suffering from a hernia, and until he feels better the 3x3 Eyes manga is on hiatus. Here is a picture of the notice that appeared in Young Magazine. It does not sound like Takada-sensei's illness is serious, but it certainly sounds painful. I know we all wish him a quick and full recovery. If you want to send him a get-well card, here is his address. I'm sure he will appreciate any messages he receives.

Yuzo Takada
c/o Kodansha Young Magazine
P.O. Box 24
Tokyo Toshima Post Office

(I want to give a big thanks to Yukinori Hidano for sending me the news and the picture, and for helping me with the translation. Thanks also to Rob in Japan for finding a copy of the magazine for me.)

January 22, 2000

Japanese Publication Updates

Volume 33 of the 3x3 Eyes manga was published on January 7. A cover picture is available on Young Magazine's site, and a better picture can be found at Sasuga Bookstore, where you can also order the manga. The final Oricon comic ranking for last November listed 3x3 Eyes #32 in 7th place and Genzo Hitogata Kiwa #2 in 25th, so it will be interesting to see how this issue compares.

The Young Magazine page above also has cover images of the upcoming Yuzo Takada artbook, The Last Order. Kodansha's BookClub site has a page with more info and a few pictures. The book's publication has been delayed twice, and now it will not be available until early February. See the previous news update for more information about this exciting publication.

By the way, according to Geoff on the 3x3 Eyes ML a recent Animerica magazine had a news item about the upcoming Super Manga Blast! anthology, including a picture of the lovely Pai. If anyone knows in which issue this appeared, please let me know.

Lots of Links

Several new fan sites have appeared recently, and they are quite nice. First is 3x3 Eyes VoiD~, a good-looking general site. Also, Comet.Anime has moved to its own domain, and lots of exciting things are happening there. Finally, there is a new Italian page by Sanshiro Kurenai with a lot of cool content. There is even an interview with Yuzo Takada that originally appeared in Kappa magazine, which the site owner may translate into English eventually.

T-shirt Artwork Chosen

The 3x3 Eyes Mailing List voted to select artwork for the list T-shirt, and designs by Neking and Fred Gallagher were chosen. Congratulations to those two, and thanks to everyone who submitted sketches. Once I receive the final designs from the artists (which may take a while) and get a cost estimate for making the shirts, I will begin accepting orders. Even though the shirt is a project of the mailing list, ordering will be open to anyone. The more orders I get, the less each shirt will cost. For more details, see the t-shirt page on the ML web site.

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