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News Archive - 1997

[Archived news stories may contain broken links.]

Dec. 1997:
3x3 Eyes 10th Anniversary Contest announced
1998 calendar on sale
Nov. 1997:
Nuku Nuku TV series announced
Sept. 1997:
The first two OAVs in the 3x3 Eyes "Seima Densetsu" anime series were released (dubbed only) in the United States. They are called 3x3 Eyes 5 and 6. There is no word on when (or if) the final tape, 3x3 Eyes 7, will be released.
Aug. 1997:
Volume 26 of the 3x3 Eyes manga was published
More news from Japan
July 31, 1997:
I arrived in Japan. ^_^
May 22, 1997:
The venice anime-manga archive at tcp.com shut down due to financial difficulties. The 3x3 Eyes manga translations that were available there have been moved to the 3x3 Eyes Translation Page and a backup site set up by Henrique Holschuh. I now have local copies of the anime scripts and graphics links that previously pointed to tcp.com.
May 1997:
News about USA anime, 3x3 Eyes novels, and Alec Empire
Apr. 4, 1997:
Volume 25 of the 3x3 Eyes manga was published in Japan.
Mar. 10, 1997:
This site was one of the Weekly Web Picks selected by Anime Web Turnpike. Cool!
Mar. 7-9, 1997:
Katsucon 3 returned to Virginia Beach, VA. I was a bit shocked when I noticed a link to my Katsucon 2 report on the K3 page. My K3 report will be much nicer. ^_^
March 1997:
I get a job in Japan!
OtakuWorld starts Ring of the Third Eye webring
Feb. 26, 1997:
Dark Horse Comics and Studio Proteus bring you the 3x3 Eyes: Curse of the Gesu TPB. This trade paperback collection contains issues #1-5 of the recently published comic. Buy it!
Feb. 1997:
1997 calendar news
Playstation game CD single
Multimedia madness, and more
Jan. 3, 1997:
Toren Smith, head of Studio Proteus and translator of the 3x3 Eyes manga, confirmed that a 3x3 Eyes TV series was in production in Japan! He has promised to provide any more information he discovers in his Manga Newswatch column.

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