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This site is designed to be accessable to as many people as possible, while at the same time taking advantage of the advanced display capabilities of browsers that support HTML 4.0 and style sheets. Most pages on this site have a navigation column of links at the left (or top in browsers that do not support tables, such as Lynx). These links lead to the major sections of the site. The site home page can always be reached from the 3x3 Eyes Digest image at the top of the column.

At the top each page are links to various support pages such as this Help page. Support pages have a simpler design, but they should look similar to the main pages if your browser supports style sheets. The Site Map page has an outline of links to nearly every page on this site, and it is helpful if you are not sure where to look for certain information.

All of the navigation links, as well as some other words, have titles which are visible in HTML 4.0 capable browsers. For example, in Internet Explorer 4 the title appears as a tooltip if the pointer is positioned over a specific link. (Try holding the pointer over the emphasized words on this page, such as "tooltip" in the previous sentence.) The titles give more detailed information about a word or phrase.

If you are searching for specific information and are unable to find it on the site, please contact me. I want the site to be useful as possible, and I am interested in knowing what visitors would like to see here.

Unicode Text

Some pages on this site contain Japanese characters encoded in Unicode UTF-8 format. They require a browsers that supports Unicode (which includes recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator) and a Japanese font. If you use Windows, you can download a free Japanese language pack from Microsoft.

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You do not have to tell me when you provide a link to this site, and I would prefer if you download the buttons instead of linking to the GIF files on this site. Thanks for the support!

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