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News Archive - 1998

December MGM anime releases
Manga vol. 30 released
Translation zip files
November Dark Horse manga anthology
Mailing list moves
FAQ 1.11 released
Assorted silliness
October New fan translation
Notes and rumors
September 3x3 Eyes FAQ 1.10 released
Top Ten 3x3 Eyes Products
Gallery and Search added
Manga cover scans
August 3x3 Eyes Digest moves to sazan.net
Lots of merchandise news
1999 calendar announced
Many pages added to site
July 3x3 Eyes Digest site premiere
New home for manga translations
Youma Daizukan book published
3x3 Eyes FAQ 1.0 released
May - June working on new site
April 10th Anniversary Contest results posted
March 3x3 Eyes FAQ final draft
Dark Fiber's 3x3 Eyes icons
USA anime videos on moratorium
February Blue Seed 2 final OAV
Sazan Eyes Fanfiction Homeroom
3x3 Eyes no Himitsu ToC translation
January new Win95 game on sale
manga volume 27 published
3x3 Eyes GURPS draft rules released

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