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News - March 2000

March 8, 2000

New Generation dub news, online chat

Anime News Network had a brief news item about the new 3x3 Eyes dub. New Generation Pictures has named Greg Weisman as the voice director. Mr. Weisman created the American animated TV series Gargoyles, and he has written for and directed several other series. It looks like the dub is going to be a quality job all around. The press release also confirms that the anime will be released in VHS subtitled and DVD format. Expect it later this year!

For more details about the dub, stop by the chat with New Generation Pictures at Anime.About.com. It will take place on Saturday, March 11th, at 5:00 pm PST (8pm EST). The discussion will center on "producing quality dubbing, the differences between dubbing and subbing, and how to make it in the anime business". Don't miss this opportunity to chat!

Radio Comix interview

There is a big interview with Pat Duke of Radio Comix on the Studio Proteus. A lot of information about Super Manga Blast can be found there as well. Remember: the magazine featuring new 3x3 Eyes manga translations goes on sale March 22 in the USA. Feel free to camp out in front of your local comic shop.

2000 calendar?

Contrary to my report last year, a 3x3 Eyes calendar for 2000 does exist. The bad news is that it is (or was) a promotional item limited to 1000 copies, only available to those who bought either volume 33 of the manga or Takada's artbook The Last Order, and managed to send in a postcard by February 21. According to the notice on the promotional band of the artbook, the 13-page 3x3 Eyes New Century Desk Calendar "2000.4-2001.3" was a way of thanking the devoted fans of the series.

Super Famicom game hintbook

I made a surprising discovery while browsing the Kinokuniya BookWeb site. There is a hint book for the 3x3 Eyes Seima Kourinden RPG for the Super Famicom, and it's still available to order! Then again, every other book related to 3x3 Eyes or Yuzo Takada is also listed on the site. With the help of kazuya-kun, I signed up for an account and placed an order, but I'm not getting my hopes up too high. I was also able to confirm the existance of the Mega-CD game hint book. The Books section of this site will be updated soon with all of this newly-discovered data. If you can read Japanese, check out the BookWeb site--just hide your credit card first.

March 3, 2000

There are a lot of news updates below, sorted roughly from oldest to newest. Even if you kept up with the news on the 3x3 Eyes ML, skim each story, because there is some hot new info here!

3x3 Eyes on DVD

Thanks to kazuya-kun (and Metalive) for pointing out this Feb. 1 update (bottom of the page) at Anime on DVD. According to the site, New Generation Pictures will be producing the new English dub of 3x3 Eyes for Pioneer. If you remember, Pioneer acquired the rights for the series last year. New Generation Pictures will be redubbing all seven OAVs, and they seem to be fans of the series so the results look promising. Of course, the DVD version will be bilingual with subtitles.

3x3eyes.com finds new home

Last year a fan web site in China registered the domain 3x3eyes.com. Well, apparently the provider didn't pay their bill to NSI, so the domain became available again. Now it has a new owner, me. Right now, www.3x3eyes.com is just an alias for www.sazan.net, but I may do something neat with it in the future. (By the way, that Chinese site now seems to be located at 3x3eyes.net.)

Takada artbook updates

The new Yuzo Takada artbook, The Last Order, was published in Japan on February 10. Yukinori Hidano tells me that it is not bilingual, but I do know that it is quite heavy based on what it cost to ship from Japan. I haven't been able to pick up my copy from the post office yet (stupid 9-5 job), but I'll have more details soon in the Products section.

Also, if you missed out on the first Takada artbook AiEN KiEN, good news! The book is being reprinted in Japan, and it should be available on March 27 for 2400 yen. (Thanks to Yukinori Hidano for keeping me up to date on this.)

More new 3x3 Eyes books

A new book titled 3x3 EYES Another Story is scheduled for publication on March 23 in Japan. This book is by the editorial staff of Young Magazine, so my guess is that it is another data book like Another World. Maybe it's a series synopsis?

As if that wasn't enough, on April 24 the YanMaga editors bring us an additional book called 3x3 EYES Youma Rittai Zukan. That title is similar to the Youma Daizukan (Monster Big Picture Book) published in 1998. However, rittai means "solid" or "three-dimensional". Could this be a monster pop-up book? Whatever it is, I can't wait to see it!

Translated manga: Super Manga Blast

Dark Horse Comics has added a detailed feature about Super Manga Blast #1 to their web site. The first issue goes on sale March 22, so don't miss it. Thanks to Zach Rasmussen for pointing this out. (By the way, I did eventually find a copy of the December '99 issue of Animerica that mentioned SMB next to a picture of the Sanjiyan.)

If you are more interested in the latest 3x3 Eyes manga, Kazuo Ishikawa has translated volume 33. Translations for volumes 31 and 32 can be found on his manga page, and proofread versions are available at Ronny's translation page (note the new address).

Manga 33 sales rankings

Here's a summary of the Oricon sales rankings for 3x3 Eyes #33. The manga entered the weekly charts at number 6 on January 23. The next week it jumped up to the top spot, number 1. The first week in February it dropped down to number 18. For the month of January, 3x3 Eyes #33 received an overall rank of 8. Not bad for a series that is more than twelve years old.

Takada recovery status

Takada-sensei seems to be recovering from his herniated disk. Yukinori Hidano informs me that the 3x3 Eyes manga will resume in issue 16-2000 of Young Magazine, which should be published near the end of March. Luckily his situation was not serious.

Megumi Hayashibara best album

Megumi Hayashibara, the popular voice actress who provides the voices of Pai, Nuku Nuku, and Momiji (Blue Seed), will be releasing a best album of her 15 biggest singles. This is a limited edition CD that will only be on sale from April 26 to July 31, 2000. If that wasn't enough to make you pre-order it immediately, the cover illustration will be drawn by Yuzo Takada. Don't miss out! Thanks as always to Yukinori Hidano for the news.

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