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These pages contain information about 3x3 Eyes merchandise. Most of the products here are from Japan, but since this is an English-language web site products from the US and UK are also listed. Please let me know if anything is missing or incorrect.

Manga - the comics that started it all, plus the anime comics and English translations from Studio Proteus
Anime - animation video and laserdisc information and scripts
Music - soundtrack and drama CDs reviews, track listings, and lyrics
Books - artbooks, novels, game hint books, and more
Games - video games for console systems and PCs
Goods - calendars, posters, UFO catcher dolls, etc.

Also, check out my personal list of Top Ten Products.

All romanized Japanese names on these pages are written with the given name first and family name last (opposite of how the names appear in kanji). This corresponds with romanized names printed on the Japanese 3x3 Eyes products.

Many Japanese products are marked with both the base price and the price including the national Japanese sales tax. This tax was raised from 3% to 5% in 1997, making the after-tax prices printed on older products incorrect. All prices in yen listed on these pages are before-tax prices. Hopefully this will avoid confusion rather than causing it.

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