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September 1998

Welcome to the first Mailbag. I was a bit slow in updating it this month, but I haven't exactly been overwhelmed with mail, either. Here are a few good questions I received, and I thought I would share the answers with everyone.

From: Richard Moore

I own parts 1-5 of 3x3 Eyes on OAV published by Manga Video UK. How much anime have I not seen as I am slightly confused over how many episodes there are in total. Please could you help...

This is an endless source of confusion. With the latest version of the FAQ, I tried to provide a clear answer to this question, but let me try again here. There are a total of seven 3x3 Eyes OAVs, four from the original anime and three from the second series (Seima Densetsu). The first four are 30 minutes each, so if you have one or more tapes that adds up to 2 hours of anime (such as 3x3 Eyes 1 & 2 in the UK), that's the entire first series. The second series OAVs are 45-50 minutes each, and are usually available on individual tapes. So, to answer your question, the five tapes from Manga UK give you all of the anime. The situation in the USA is more complex; see the FAQ for details.

From: Michael B Martin

Was there or is there going to be a soundtrack to the 3x3 Eyes Tenrinougenmu PC and Playstation game? I have the game and the mini disc with the opening song but would like the BGM as well. I also wanted to know if you knew of a place that I might be able to obtain 3x3 Eyes merchandise. Thank you for your time. PS... I really like your site, and keep up the good work.

There is no soundtrack for the game, but the PC version does have the music stored on the CD as MIDI files. I added a couple MIDI tracks to the Files area. Unfortunately, the PC version doesn't have the opening song by Megumi Hayashibara, but maybe it will be available on one of her albums in the future. I recently saw the PlayStation opening in a store that was promoting the game, and it looks really nice.

A short list of stores that offer 3x3 Eyes goods can be found in the FAQ. If anyone knows of additional stores that have a good selection of 3x3 Eyes merchandise, let me know. For information on the merchandise itself, the Products pages will be available "real soon now".

From: Rene Blais

was wondering if there was any chance that you could zip up the various books/etc. to make it easier to get them all? (say, a differant zip file for each book that has been completed... or maybe one zip file at the bottom of the page with ALL the translations in it...)
other than that, great site...

Great idea! I know that, when Jeff Hansen had the manga translations on his web site, I downloaded local copies for reading offline. If nobody spots any problems with the new HTML files, I'll upload a zip of all of the pages sometime soon. A single zip file containing everything should be about 200KB, which is not too large of a download I think. Just remember to check back here occasionally for new translations!

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