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[Yakumo and Pai]

Yakumo Fujii was just like any other 16-year-old Japanese high school student. Well, his father did disappear in Tibet four years ago while searching for a legendary race of three-eyed beings, and Yakumo was forced to take a job as a "waitress" in a gay bar to support himself. But that was nothing compared to the strange girl Yakumo literally ran into one day on the way to work. She called herself Pai, and she carried a letter that Yakumo's father wrote just before he died. The note claimed that Pai was the last of the three-eyed race Prof. Fujii had spent his life searching for, a race with the power of eternal youth, the Sanjiyan Unkara.

Of course, Yakumo did not believe in monsters, and Pai certainly didn't look like a supernatural creature. In fact, she was kind of cute. But if monsters didn't really exist, then what was this huge man-faced bird that was suddenly rampaging through the streets of Shinjuku? Pai claimed the monster was Takuhi, her pet, but it looked to Yakumo like it was going to kill her. As he shoved her out of the monster's path and felt its talons rip into his own chest, he thought he was dead for sure. What happened next must have been a dream, but before he blacked out it looked like Pai really did have a third eye! The next morning, he woke up uninjured, but a Chinese symbol ("Wu", meaning "nothingness") had unexplicably appeared on his forehead.

Yakumo soon learned the truth. His body was now an undead shell; he could feel pain but could not be permanently injured, and even missing limbs seemed to magically regenerate. Yakumo's existance was now inextricably tied to Pai's, and so they set out together on a quest to become human. Many demonic creatures are seeking Pai and her power to grant immortality, and a long, hard road lies ahead for Pai and Yakumo. However, Pai has a great deal of strength beneath her youthful exterior. Yakumo soon realizes his feelings for her are deeper than he imagined. He will always fight to protect the girl he loves.

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3x3 Eyes 1995 calendar cover image taken from the Lum Anime Album web site (now offline?).

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