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Thanks to everyone who has sent me email. Special thanks go to the following people who have helped me out with this site:

Fred Gallagher
for lots of assistance over the years
Henrique de Moraes Holschuh
for pointing out lots of errors and making helpful suggestions
everybody on the 3x3 Eyes Mailing List
for inspiration


This site uses the following Perl scripts, which were kindly made available for free by their authors. I've done some hacking and customization on all of them (some more than others). I found most of these scripts at The CGI Resource Index.

These web pages were originally created with Notepad, but I have now switched to NoteTab Pro. (Plain text, baby, yeah!) The graphics were created/scanned using Ulead PhotoImpact and some other Ulead tools. The Japanese and Unicode web pages were created with the help of free software from the Monash Nihongo ftp Archive and the wonderful JWPce freeware Japanese word processor.

3x3 Eyes story, art, and characters Copyright © 1987-1999 Yuzo Takada / Kodansha.
This unofficial fan web site is not affiliated in any way with the copyright holders.

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