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News - September 1999

September 29, 1999

2000 Calendar News

Anime calendars for 2000 are starting to be announced, so I went and checked out the Japanese Yanmaga web site. According to them, there will be no 3x3 Eyes calendar for next year! However, on Kodansha's online store, they do list a Genzo Hitogata Kiwa calendar (fifth row down on the left). It's a hanging scroll calendar (including a metallic holder), B2 size (360mm x 900mm), costing 3000 yen. The reservation deadline is October 5, so contact your favorite anime importer soon if you want one. Either GHK is replacing 3x3 Eyes as Takada-sensei's main series, or Kodansha is tired of reprinting the same old 3x3 Eyes artwork every year.

However, all is not lost for 3x3 Eyes fans. As mentioned back in February, some 3x3 Eyes artwork is featured in the Dark Horse Manga 2000 Calendar. This calendar is apparently available in comic shops now, but I can't find any info on the Dark Horse web site. Pester your local shop owner if you want one; I plan to do the same.

Manga Vol. 32 Date

According to Kodansha's web site, 3x3 Eyes manga #32 will be available on October 22. Also, Genzo Hitogata Kiwa manga #2 will go on sale the same day.

I also noticed that Kodansha is selling computer wallpaper on their site, including two 3x3 Eyes pictures. I personally wouldn't pay 300 yen for a few JPG images, though.

Genzo, Genzo, Genzo

A calendar, a new manga volume... what's next? That would be the Genzo Hitogata Kiwa telephone card and pin set, available in Japan this month. I don't know if this can be found for sale online or not.

As mentioned above, Takada-sensei hasn't been doing too much 3x3 Eyes color artwork recently, but he has created some nice full-color GHK artwork. Check out this Kikuhime mini-poster (27,399 bytes) from Afternoon magazine. You can grab the actual-size version (314,452 bytes) and make your own poster. I'm working on gathering up some more info on GHK, which should make it online eventually...

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