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News - January 1999

January 27, 1999

Yo Quiero 3x3 Eyes

Andres G. Mendoza has just started a new Spanish-language mailing list devoted to 3x3 Eyes. Search for the Sazan list at www.onelist.com for more information. There you can subscribe to the list and view the message archive, "if it works."

Ancient Eyes PBeM

A play-by-email RPG campaign is currently underway using Henrique Holschuh's 3x3 Eyes rules for the GURPS roleplaying system. The campaign got off to a slow start (mostly my fault, since I'm one of the members) but it is starting to progress nicely now. The GM is still looking for new players to join, so contact him if you are interested. Detailed information is available on the Ancient Eyes webpage.

SNES Game Translation

Dag B contacted me about making a translation of 3x3 Eyes ~Juuma Houkan~, the second video game for the Super Famicom (SNES). As you can see from the picture below, this is a side-scrolling adventure game, and it is very entertaining. Dag B is doing all the difficult hacking work, and I'm providing translations. Luckily there's not much text in the game. The translation will be available as a patch for the game ROM (for use with SNES emulators) as well as a text FAQ/translation for those that own the actual cartridge. The project is progressing well, and I should have some more news soon.

scene from the game introduction

Technically, ROMs of commercial games are illegal to have unless you also own the game (similar to fansubs), although I doubt Banpresto is still distributing the game. I actually did buy the game even though I don't have an SNES. Heh, heh. Anyway, do not ask me for the ROM. I'm sure if you look hard enough, you can find it somewhere.

So Long Teleport Pro

Teleport Pro users have been wreaking havoc on this web site lately, and as a result that software has been banned from accessing the file archive. I understand the desire to view web sites offline, but it was starting to cause me too many headaches. I singled out that program because it's the most popular; others may be banned in the future if necessary. Tip #1: I don't update very often; there's no need to download this whole web site every other day. Tip #2: before using powerful web robot software, RTFM.

January 17, 1999

Happy New Year

I'm back from my vacation in the USA, and I'm still catching up on the many hours of TV anime I taped while I was gone. I basically ignored my computer during the holidays, so this month's feature and some other pages are not finished yet. I did finally get to inspect Streamline's 3x3 Eyes LD and watch the dub of 3x3 Eyes 5 "The Descendent". Ouch! I'll reserve my anti-dub comments for another time. (For more about my recent adventures, see my .plan file.) Here's the latest news, and I should have a few additions later this month.

3x3 Eyes Anime USA Release Confirmed

As speculated earlier, the 3x3 Eyes anime will be released by MGM on January 26 after being unavailable for more than a year in the USA and Canada. The upcoming release of nine anime titles MGM acquired with their purchase of Orion Home Video will include the 3x3 Eyes Perfect Collection and 3x3 Eyes 5 and 6 ("The Descendent" and "The Key"). These English-dubbed videos should have the same packaging as the earlier Orion release, so if you already own the anime there is no reason to get excited. Unfortunately, 3x3 Eyes 7 is not included in the current release schedule. We can only hope that the final episode will be made available 3x3 Eyes 7 on a later date. I am just glad that the anime will be widely available once again.

By the way, according to The Right Stuf the videos will be closed captioned. Just turn down the sound and pretend you are watching a subtitled release. (tee hee)

Updated FAQ

The 3x3 Eyes FAQ version 1.12 is now available. The latest changes include mention of the new MGM anime releases, manga #30, Dark Horse translated manga rumors, and basically all of the important news since the last FAQ. If you want to understand the different anime naming schemes for various countries, that's the place to look. (If you read it and still don't understand, let me know so I can clarify the chart.)

Manga Sales

Sales seem to be slipping a bit, as 3x3 Eyes volume 30 only ranked #7 in Animage's comic chart for 11/16 to 12/15. Keep in mind, though, that the manga was released on 12/4, and it was still able to beat out strong sellers like Masamune Shirow's Intron Depot 2: Blades (#8), released on 11/24. For the curious, some of the competition was Oh My Goddess v.18 (#1) and Bastard!! v.20 (#2). I expect a slightly higher rank for 3x3 Eyes in Newtype's chart for the entire month of December.

Downloadable Goodies

I recently came across the wallpaper files included on the CD-ROM for the latest 3x3 Eyes PC game, and I felt bad about not sharing them before. They have been added to the files directory. There are 3 resolutions, each with a different color logo. Also, for the WinAmp fanatics out there, I've started a 3x3 Eyes skin archive. The three skins there now came from a Japanese website that has since disappeared. I have had problems uncompressing the LZH files, so if anyone can provide me with ZIPs of the same files I would appreciate it. Let me know where other 3x3 Eyes skins can be found, and remember that Enrico has a few skins on his 3x3 Eyes page (along with lots of product pictures from his recent shopping trip to Tokyo).

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