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News - April 1999

April 17, 1999

MGM Pulls Anime Titles

The latest update at www.rightstuf.com has some depressing news for North American 3x3 Eyes fans. MGM/Orion Home Video is pulling all of their anime titles from the market as of April 30, including 3x3 Eyes Perfect Collection, 3x3 Eyes #5, and 3x3 Eyes #6. If you want to buy the videos, act quickly. My only hope is that MGM decides to sell the rights to a real anime distributor. Will there ever be an official English subtitled release of the anime?

April 10, 1999

New 3x3 Eyes Book

According to the March newsletter from Animate, there will be a new book titled 3x3 EYES Another World published on April 21. The book is by Young Magazine Editorial Dept. and Katsumi Ishizuka(?), and it will be published on Kodansha's KC Deluxe label. This sounds similar to the Youma Daizukan book, so it's probably another fact book of some sort.

The book information was confirmed on Kodansha's Japanese web site, though no additional information is provided. The site also mentions that the next 3x3 Eyes manga (vol. 31) will be released on May 7th.


A fan web site in China has registered the 3x3eyes.com domain name. The page is in simplified Chinese, if you can download it. The server seems to be very slow, so you may get better results by going here or here. The domain name was apparently registered as part of some advertising deal, judging by the big ads on the main page.

Ancient Eyes closed to new players

The Ancient Eyes play-by-email RPG campaign now has five players, so no new players are being accepted. Summaries of the current campaign will be available on the Ancient Eyes web page shortly.

Nuku Nuku, Blue Seed 2 DVDs

The original Bannou Bunka Neko Musume OAVs will be released on DVD in Japan on May 1. The DVDs will be titled PHASE D-I and PHASE D-II, and they will each contain 3 OAVs. Then on July 1, Blue Seed 2 will be released on DVD as well. All three OAVs will be on one disc. Currently I'm more interested in tracking down Blue Seed 1.5 on laserdisc. I expect it won't be long before 3x3 Eyes is released on DVD, too.

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