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News - May 1999

May 18, 1999

Manga Translation Updates

Manga translation news will be part of the main news page from now on, mainly because I don't like maintaining two separate news archives. Anyway, since the volunteer translators seemed to disappear a few months ago, I decided to do some translating myself. Three new chapters from volume 8 have been added to the manga translations page. Since it took me forever to finish them, I plan to stick to smaller translation projects in the future (like adding translated song titles to the Music page). I have heard from another volunteer, though, so hopefully more translations will be appearing soon.

Manga volume 31 was released earlier this month, and chapter titles have been added to translation page. This volume has some high quality storytelling, so I recommend checking it out if you can. I thought volume 30 was rather disappointing, but this made up for it. Remember that translations for recent manga volumes are available on Ronny Hedin's web page, and he recently added all of volume 30.

Another World

The 3x3 EYES Another World book is now available, and it has been added to the Books page. It's rather hard to describe succinctly, but it contains a lot of interesting stuff. I think that, if you can read Japanese, this book would be a better purchase than the Daizukan book, though they are both very worthwhile. I'll add a picture of the cover sometime soon, and I plan to write up a detailed summary of the book eventually.

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