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News - August 1999

August 25, 1999

Pioneer Acquires US Anime Rights

This is some huge news, and I apologize for taking so long to post it. (That's why you should subscribe to the mailing list.) At Anime Expo '99 in July, Pioneer Animation announced that they had acquired the North American distribution rights for the 3x3 Eyes anime, and Akira as well. As you know, MGM formerly had the rights to both titles, but they pulled all of their anime titles from the market back in April. You can read more about Pioneer's announcement in various AX convention reports, such as this one at USA Anime Release Dates.

No specifics have been announced yet, but here is the general story so far. Akira will be released first, sometime in 2000 or 2001, and 3x3 Eyes will be released after that. The titles will definitely be available on DVD, and presumably there will be a subtitled version. It is unknown whether or not the anime will be redubbed. However, Pioneer is reportedly doing a good job with the Sailor Moon movie releases, offering an unedited sub/dub version in addition to the edited dub for kids, so there is hope. (Thanks go to Aaron Hartman on the 3x3ML, who learned these details from a Pioneer rep at the San Diego Comic-Con.)

Personally, I don't care what they do about the dub. I will be happy just to have an unedited, subtitled version of 3x3 Eyes available in the USA at long last. Finally, the last episode will be available, on DVD, even! Needless to say, watch this site for more news about the release.

Windows Hint Book Discovered

Just when you think you've seen it all, you find something completely unexpected. A while ago I happened to find the following guide for a 3x3 Eyes Windows games in a Japanese bookstore. The Official 3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~ Collector's Edition book is similar to the Saturn/Playstation guide for the same game, but it has some interesting additions. See the Books page for details. A cover scan will be added when the book arrives along with the rest of my stuff from Japan. Speaking of scans, I added the cover of the Sega Mega-CD game soundtrack to the Music page.

Links Updated

The Links section was starting to show its age, so it has been updated and a bunch of new sites have been added. Let me know if your favorite 3x3 Eyes pages are missing. If you like statistics, 7 out of the 16 fan pages on the old links page were located at GeoCities, and currently 9 out of the 22 fan pages are hosted by the new Yahoo! GeoCities. Apparently Yahoo's dubious licensing terms didn't scare away too many people.

By the way, if you are looking for online stores that sell 3x3 Eyes goods, check out Zach Rasmussen's shopping guide at The Lost Gate of Konron.

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