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News - March 1999

March 5, 1999

Product Pics

Check out the Books and Games pages for lots of new pictures. My dad recently scanned the SNES game covers for me (which is one good side-effect of leaving them behind in the U.S.), and that inspired me to get out the digital camera and photograph some of the stuff I have found here in Japan. The pictures aren't great, mainly because my primary light source was my desk lamp. (The camera flash can't be used because it reflects off of the glossy paper.) Once I get a better setup, I plan to provide some more images.

While examining the dozens of photos I took and picking out the best few, I noticed a few things:

  • the Kyuusei Koushu game hint book says "revised new edition" on the cover, so I guess there was a previous PSX-only version
  • the cover image for the first novel is a scene from the final Seima Densetsu OAV from Benares's point of view, and if you look at the bottom you can see his foot being grabbed by Yakumo
  • the art for the Tenrin Oh Genmu game for PSX is different than the PC box art

3x3 Eyes Calendar Source

Enrico recently posted to the 3x3 Eyes Mailing List with information about a company selling 3x3 Eyes calendars. Look under Character Goods in their catalog, or search for 3x3 Eyes. I imagine the calendars will disappear quickly, so place an order soon if you want one.

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