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News - October 1999

October 27, 1999

Super Manga Blast

The rumors have finally been confirmed. According to this month's Manga Newswatch, a new monthly manga anthology called Super Manga Blast is coming from Studio Proteus and Dark Horse Comics, in cooperation with Radio Comix. The first 128-page issue will be available in March 2000 for the low price of $4.95. Each issue will contain five titles: 3x3 EYES, Oh! My Goddess (early unpublished chapters), What's Michael?, and new series Seraphic Feather and Shadow Star. Read the whole announcement for more details and a few images.

So, who the heck are these Radio Comix people? Pat Duke and Elin Winkler are former employees of Antarctic Press, and when Antarctic decided to drop some of their "furry" comics, Radio Comix was founded to continue publishing these titles. Recently, this independent small-press publisher has begun to translate and publish Japanese manga. They will be helping Studio Proteus with the digital production of the new magazine, and Elin Winkler will co-translate the new 3x3 Eyes chapters. The Radio Comix staff will be guests at Neko-Con R (Nov. 5-7), and they also have a table in the dealer's room. (I would go, but I already planned to go to the VTAS AnimeFest XXIII that weekend.) Many thanks to Gyrd Thane Lange for the initial news and details about Radio Comix.

If you are a pessimist (and what American 3x3 Eyes fan isn't), you may be wondering how long this magazine will last. I figure we will see at least a year's worth of issues, since that is how long it will take to publish the "missing" chapters of OMG. My guess is that You're Under Arrest with then take the place of OMG, so that should keep the Fujishima fans happy. Plus, Seraphic Feather is a strong title with some gorgeous artwork. Even though the market is getting a bit crowded, I think the anthology can be a success, and I plan to do everything I can to promote it.

By the way, if you have not yet purchased the English-language 3x3 Eyes trade paperbacks, what are you waiting for? Ask for them at your local comic shop, and be sure to mention Super Manga Blast while you are there.

Recent Publication Updates

As announced last month, 3x3 Eyes #32 became available on Oct. 22. The cover can be seen on the Young Magazine web site. As a note, the yanmaga.kodansha.co.jp link no longer works; you need to add the "www" on the front. I'm updating the links on this site to fix that.

By the way, if you haven't found the Dark Horse Presents: The Best Of MANGA 2000 calendar mentioned last month, here's some more information. The calendar is 290mm x 365mm and has Ghost In The Shell on the cover. The 3x3 Eyes artwork used for December is the cover art for Curse of the Gesu #3. The calendar is not listed on Dark Horse's web site, and I noticed it is published by Golden Turtle Press. There's a note on the back that says "for a free catalog of calendars call 1-800-932-0070". The calendar costs US $11.99 or $17.99 Canadian, and the ISBN is 1-55811-760-1.

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