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There are several Japanese publications related to 3x3 Eyes available in addition to the manga. Books for other series created by Yuzo Takada, such as Blue Seed, are not listed here.

Artbooks - Data Books - Novels - Game Hint Books


[AiEN KiEN cover] Yuzo Takada Artwork -AiEN KiEN-
Softcover, 102 pages, mostly color, Japanese and English text!
YM Graphics (Kodansha), 1993, 1893 yen
(republished in hardcover, 2000-3-27, 2400 yen

This was the first collection of Yuzo Takada's artwork to be published. It contains artwork from 3x3 Eyes and earlier series such as Everyday is Sunday. It does not include art from Blue Seed or Almighty Cultural Cat-Girl. All text is printed in both Japanese and English, and the comments are very informative. (According to Kenkyusha's New J-E Dictionary, the title means "karmic relations" or "a match made in heaven".)

[THE LAST ORDER cover] Yuzo Takada Artwork THE LAST ORDER
Two volumes, 128 pages, color, Japanese text
Kodansha, 2000-2-10, 5000 yen

This second artbook covers the period from 1988 to 1999, and includes illustrations from 3x3 Eyes, Blue Seed, Bannou Bunka Neko Musume (Almighty Cultural Cat-Girl), Genzo Hitogata Kiwa, and Toritsuki-kun. The first volume is a hardcover, 96-page artbook containing most of the artwork, with a heavy emphasis on 3x3 Eyes. It is similar to the format of AiEN KiEN, but unfortunately the coments are not bilingual. The second book is a softcover, 32-page poster collection. Both books are housed in a clear plastic slipcover. These are big books (37 x 26 cm) and are well worth the price.

Data Books

[Himitsu cover] 3x3 Eyes no Himitsu (Secrets of 3x3 Eyes)

by Yogekisha Shinjuku Branch
Softcover, 217 pages, B&W, Japanese text
Data House, 1993, 971 yen

This is an unofficial book that speculates about answers to questions 3x3 Eyes fans may have. It is part of a series of "Secrets of..." books that have been published for many popular manga titles. The book appears to be well-researched, but it only covers the first 15 manga volumes. Perhaps a second book will be released to cover the later manga.

[Daizukan cover] 3x3 Eyes Youma Daizukan (Big Picture Book of Monsters)

by Create A, supervised by Young Magazine Editorial Department
19cm softcover, 250 pages, B&W, Japanese text
Kodansha KCDX 934, 1998-4-24, 781 yen

This is first official data book for 3x3 Eyes, with descriptions of at least 63 characters from the manga and overviews of several other topics. It also contains 4 color stickers, activities like crossword puzzles, and a short story 'Wandering Youma' by novelist Akinori Endo. This book has two big advantages over the unauthorized 3x3 Eyes no Himitsu book. First, it was able to include art taken directly from the manga, and there are pictures on nearly every page. Also, since it was published in 1998, it covers the first 27 manga volumes. Though all of the text is Japanese, this is definitely a book that hardcore 3x3 Eyes fans will want.

[Another World cover] 3x3 Eyes Another World

supervised by Young Magazine Editorial Department,
organized by Katsumi Ishitsuka
19cm softcover, 228 pages, B&W, Japanese text
Kodansha KCDX 1058, 1999-4-21, 800 yen

One year after the publication of the Youma Daizukan comes a new official 3x3 Eyes book. Another World is jammed full of information every 3x3 Eyes fan will want to see, such as a long interview with Yuzo Takada, an overview of the manga creation process, speculation on various story elements, manga history and plot summaries, product descriptions, and of course the obligatory pictures of Pai in silly outfits. Although the book is well-illustrated, the emphasis is on the text, so only those who can read Japanese will be able to appreciate the book fully. The book includes four pages of color manga art, plus a page of stickers.

[Rittai Zukan cover] 3x3 Eyes Youma Rittai Zukan (Monster 3-D Picture Book)

by Keiji Matsumoto and Yuzo Takada,
supervised by Young Magazine Editorial Department
19cm softcover, 131 pages, color, Japanese text
Kodansha KCDX, 2000-5-24, 1500 yen

This is a sequel to the Youma Daizukan above, but it is not a data book. It is a papercraft book, allowing the creation of 3-D paper models of seven monsters. The monsters are all pictured on the book cover, clockwise from the top: Takuhi, K'u-yung, Mugero, Tsou-lin, Ruru, Little Amara, and Fei-oh. A large Pai sticker is also included.


The 3x3 Eyes novels are written by Akinori Endo, the scriptwriter for the original 3x3 Eyes anime. Each novel comes with a mini-poster and bookmark. There are scenes from the new anime series printed in the corner of each page, and the scenes "move" if you look at them while quickly flipping the pages. If you can't read Japanese, that's about all you'll get out of these books. (I hear that at least some of the books have been translated into Chinese.)

[novel 1 cover] 3x3 Eyes Seima Densetsu (Legend of the Divine Demon)
by Akinori Endo
18cm softcover, 308 pages, B&W, Japanese text
Magazine Novels (Kodansha), 1995-7-6, 757 yen

This is a novel based on the Seima Densetsu storyline from volumes 3-5 of the manga, similar to the second anime series.

[novel 2 cover] 3x3 Eyes Fuuma Gaiden (Seal Demon Side Story)
by Akinori Endo
18cm softcover, 292 pages, B&W, Japanese text
Magazine Novels (Kodansha), 1996-5-17, 757 yen

This is an original story with the 3x3 Eyes characters.

[novel 3 cover] 3x3 Eyes Genma Hyouryuu (Phantom Drifting)
by Akinori Endo
18cm softcover, 252 pages, B&W, Japanese text
Magazine Novels (Kodansha), 1997-3-6, 757 yen

This is another original story.

[Another Story cover] 3x3 Eyes Another Story
by Katsumi Ishitsuka, Akinori Endo, and Shinichi Kusano
19cm softcover, 208 pages, B&W, Japanese text
Kodansha KCDX, 2000-3-23, 820 yen

This book is a collection of seven original short stories. Here are the titles:
1. True Tale of Houasyo "White Snake Legend" (Hakujaden)
2. The Sorrow of Salaryman Benares
3. Yohko and Yoriko's Ghost Extermination
4. Haan's "This is crazy! Japanese people" (Haan no "Koko ga hen da yo! Nihonjin")
5. Demon School
6. Pai and Yakumo's Gourmet Day
7. Valley of Gold
The book also includes a "3-D real papercraft Fei-Oh", most likely as a preview of the Youma Rittai Zukan above.

Game Hint Books

See the Games page for the games related to these books.

Super Famicom 3x3 Eyes Seima Kourinden Perfect Guide
Softcover, 159 pages, Japanese text
Kodansha Hit Books, 1992-8, 922 yen

This is a hint book for the SNES roleplaying game Seima Kourinden. I only know this book exists because of an entry in the Kinokuniya Bookweb online store (where it is out of stock).

Seima Densetsu 3x3 Eyes Official Guidebook
Softcover, 135 pages, color, Japanese text
Kodansha, 1993-8, 1214 yen

This is a hint book for the MEGA-CD game Seima Densetsu 3x3 Eyes. It includes a guide to all of the dungeons, as well as a complete data for items and monsters. (I haven't actually seen the book. Most of this information comes from a pre-release advertisement inserted in manga vol. 14.)

[SH hintbook cover] 3x3 Eyes ~Sanjiyan Henjyo~ CD & Graphics
Softcover, 128 pages, color, Japanese text
YM Graphics (Kodansha), 1994-8, 2136 yen

This is a walkthrough/hint book for the PC Engine version of the 3x3 Eyes ~Sanjiyan Henjyo~ game by Nihon Create. The book includes an audio CD, CD cover (to cut out), and fold-out poster. The CD contains the game music and a drama featuring the game characters. There's a comic in the back of the book that corresponds with the drama. Most of the book describes the game, but there are some neat extras like interviews with the voice actors and descriptions of other 3x3 Eyes merchandise.

Official 3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~ Collector's Edition
Softcover, 128 pages, color, Japanese text
Login Books, 1995-10-16, 1165 yen

This is a walkthrough/hint book for the Windows version of the 3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~ game. In addition to providing a full walkthrough for the game, the book contains software troubleshooting advice, interviews with the game's creators at Nippon Create, and some background information on Feng Shui and other topics that appear in the game.

[KK guidebook cover] 3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~ Official Guidebook
Softcover, 106 pages, color, Japanese text
Haou Game Special #53 (Kodansha), 1996-6-16, 1165 yen

This is a walkthrough/hint book for the Playstation and Saturn versions of the 3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~ game. The book gives a very detailed look at all of the paths through the game. It also describes some of the differences between the Playstation and Saturn versions, and gives a little background information about the making of the game. (This is the "Revised New Edition", so I assume there was a previous edition that only covered the Playstation game.)

Most book cover images from my personal collection. AiEN KiEN and Sanjiyan Henjyo are scans, the rest are digital photos. THE LAST ORDER, Youma Rittai Zukan, and Another Story are from the Kodansha web site.

3x3 Eyes story, art, and characters Copyright © 1987-2000 Yuzo Takada / Kodansha.
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