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3x3 eyes (Italian)
A 3x3 Eyes homepage in Italy, and the very first 3x3 Eyes page on the web if I remember correctly. (My 3x3 Eyes Info page was third, since Fred Gallagher beat me by a few days with Pai's Page.)

3x3EYES Information (Japanese)
A Japanese fan page with a character popularity poll and some other interesting stuff.

3x3 Occhi: Pagine Web (Italian) (New!)
This site contains a detailed guide to the Italian manga translations. Quite a bit of the manga has been published in Italy.

Animanga - 3x3 Eyes (French)
Information about the French dub of the 3x3 Eyes anime, licensed from Manga Video.

Anim'int Encyclopedia 3x3 Eyes entry (French)
Anim'int is a huge French site devoted to anime and manga. Parts of the site are also available in English.

Christians 3x3 Augen Seiten (German) (New!)
This is a very nice site with a character guide and product information, including the German release of the anime and manga.

Il mondo di 3x3 Occhi ! (Italian)
An excellent page by Enrico Mischi, featuring a translation of the 3x3 Eyes FAQ from this website, the Magic and Names Guide, and lots of original material. Check out the 3x3 Eyes WinAmp skins!

Il Santuario dei Sanjiyan Humkara (Italian) (New!)
If I'm not mistaken, this is the home page for an unofficial 3x3 Eyes fan club in Italy.

JASMS: 3*3 Eyes Hauptseite (German) (New Location)
A nice overview of the series including a character guide with pictures.

Karstens Anime Ratings und Links (German) (New!)
This is a large site containing data and reviews for 3x3 Eyes (cited as one of the best horror shows), plus links ot other German-language resources.

Korean 3x3 Eyes page (Korean) (New!)
Sorry, don't know the real title of this page. It has some basic, familiar-looking information about the series.

Magyar Anime Útmutató (Hungarian) (New!)
The Hungarian Anime Guide has information about both the first and second anime series, and some nice pics.

night's 3x3 Eyes page (Chinese, BIG-5)
As the maintainer says, "This web site will be the site which has the most 3x3EYES info in Chinese. I will add the other comics by YUZO TAKADA sensei step-by-step." I can't read Chinese, but there are several pages of information here (and more of those familiar graphics, but there are a lot of new pics too).

The Internet Yogeki (Japanese)
An interesting page with a lot of information. Of course, Japanese fans tend to have an advantage over the rest of us.

The World of 3x3 Eyes (Chinese, Simplified) (New!)
This is a comprehensive site in China that at one time had the domain www.3x3eyes.com. (It doesn't seem to be working currently.) There is a lot of interesting stuff to see here. Here's an alternate link that seems to point to a different (older) version of the same page.

If anyone knows of links not mentioned here, let me know. I want these pages to be as complete as possible (as you might have noticed).


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