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Commercial Links

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Japanese Companies

Bandai Visual Online (Japanese only) (New!)
Bandai Visual produced both the 3x3 Eyes anime series. This is a nice site for those that can view Japanese, since it has news on upcoming Bandai releases. There is also a database of all available titles, including 3x3 Eyes.

King Records (Japanese only)
This company releases the 3x3 Eyes CDs, as well as CDs for many other anime series, on its Star Child label. They are also releasing the newest 3x3 Eyes PlayStation game. Their new website has a bit of English, so you should be able to find your way around. There is a nice section on music by Megumi Hayashibara (the voice actress for Pai). Unfortunately they don't have any of the 3x3 Eyes soundtracks listed in their catalog.

Kodansha homepage
Home page of Kodansha, publisher of the 3x3 Eyes manga volumes and Young Magazine. The Japanese homepage is more up-to-date, but there is no specific 3x3 Eyes information.

Nihon Create (Japanese only)
The makers of the 3x3 Eyes video games for PCs and the Sega Saturn have a new site, finally at their own domain name. Although it is all in Japanese, this is a very nice site with a lot of information and some screenshots and downloadable files. The site has a bit of English, but if you get lost you can go directly to the newest 3x3 Eyes PC game page.

Young Magazine (Japanese only)
The 3x3 Eyes manga is published weekly in Young Magazine in Japan. They sometimes have 3x3 Eyes information on their site, but I have not seen any there recently.

English-Language Products

Dark Horse Comics Home Page
Publishers of the English-translated 3x3 Eyes comics, and one of the best comic companies out there. Toren Smith's Manga Newswatch columns are also available here. The 3x3 Eyes translated comics can be purchased online from Things From Another World.

Manga Video UK
Manga UK has released all of the 3x3 Eyes anime in the UK and several other countries. (The first four OAVs are combined on two tapes.)

MGM Online
This company gained the North American video rights 3x3 Eyes when they acquired Orion Home Video. Although they did briefly re-release the Orion anime videos, they have now left the anime business.

Pioneer Animation (New!)
Pioneer has acquired the rights for 3x3 Eyes (and Akira) from MGM, and they plan to release the titles on DVD in 2000 or 2001. Watch their web site for more details.

Streamline Pictures Home Page (missing?)
This is the company that originally released the dubbed 3x3 Eyes videos in the USA. Streamline is now out of the anime business, having sold their video rights to Orion (who in turn was bought by MGM). I can't say that I'm sad to see Streamline go.

Studio Proteus Online
Official English translators of the 3x3 Eyes manga. Check here for the latest manga news from Studio Proteus president Toren Smith.

If anyone knows of links not mentioned here, let me know. I want these pages to be as complete as possible (as you might have noticed).


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