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Multimedia Links

Note: image archives come and go regularly, so don't be surprised if some of these links are broken.

Image and Sound Archives

3x3 Eyes Manga Scans (New Location)
This page provides a nice "introduction" to the 3x3 Eyes anime comics. There are some good quality scans there, as well as some other 3x3 Eyes information, so take a look. You have to navigate through the site to reach the 3x3 Eyes page.

Alex's Anime Corner (New!)
This image archive has a lot of (commonly seen) pictures on the 3x3 Eyes page.

Amber Anime Archive
The Sazan Eyes page here currently only has images from the 3rd laserdisc of the Seima Densetsu OAV series, but what pictures they are! (The whole site is full of high-quality scans.)

Animanga Pictures Archives (New!)
Animanga is a wonderful English/French anime site (Swiss, actually), and the 3x3 Eyes gallery has some cool laminated card images.

Anime no Machi Gallery
The 3x3 Eyes images at this site are screen captures from the Seima Densetsu anime series.

Anime Shrine (New!)
This nicely-designed site has a 3x3 Eyes image gallery and brief video information.

Anime Theme
This site has some funky 3x3 Eyes animated cursors and icons. The freaky things you can do with HTML these days...

Anime / Video Game MIDI Music archive
This site has a MIDI file of a Takada Band song from one of the 3x3 Eyes CDs. (A request to fellow webmasters: just because you have a 3x3 Eyes MIDI doesn't mean you have to embed it in all of your web pages. Thank you.)

Chris's Anime Archive (New!)
The 3x3 Eyes section features several screen captures from the 1st anime series.

Dracil's rare game & anime midi, realaudio, realvideo, & MP3 (New!)
Many 3x3 Eyes MIDIs and RealAudio files can be found here. (See the note above about embedding these things in web pages.)

Figure Models Land - 3x3 Eyes (New!)
This gallery includes lots of images of Pai models. It is very helpful for deciding how to paint that expensive resin kit you just bought.

Lucian's Art Gallery
The 3x3 Eyes Gallery has a few random pictures. The page is also available in Japanese.

Mark Neidengard Image Archives (missing?)
This site has scans of almost all of the 3x3 Eyes tankoubon covers. Pretty cool. (There are very nice pics for other series, too.)

Sesshomaru's Sazan Eyes. . . Tri-Whistle (New!)
This gallery contains lots of original 3x3 Eyes scans.

The Cute Zone
There were a few cute pictures of Pai here, but they seem to be missing in action.

Ultimate Animanga Archive
Another place to get 3x3 Eyes images. It also has a bit of information about the series, and a messageboard for comments.

If anyone knows of links not mentioned here, let me know. I want these pages to be as complete as possible (as you might have noticed).


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