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Miscellaneous Links

General Anime Resources

Here is the 3x3 Eyes entry in the Anime Pocket Guide.

Anime CD Encyclopedia
Information about 3x3 Eyes CDs (not up-to-date or complete, or sometimes even correct).

Anime LD Cyclopedia : Expanded Listing
Information about 3x3 Eyes laserdisks (first OAV series only). The page is big, but luckily 3x3 Eyes is at the very top.

Anime Web Guide: 3x3 Eyes
The Anime Web Guide's entry for 3x3 Eyes. The Guide has lots of cross-references and information about many anime shows, including links to voice actor pages.

Anime Web Turnpike
The Turnpike has links for every anime series imaginable, including 3x3 Eyes. This is a good starting point when searching for information.

Miscellaneous Info

3x3 Eyes Hyper Magical Live '95
Hitoshi Doi's report about a 3x3 Eyes event in Japan.

3x3 Eyes Seima Densetsu episode 1 after recording
Another report from Hitoshi Doi. Some guys have all the luck.

CDS Productions Titles
CDS (C-ko's Duplication Service) has done some parodies of 3x3 Eyes: Terminator 3 and 2x4 Eyes. (I refuse to watch them, lest they scar my psyche.)

HD UFO Catcher Doll/Item Image Gallery
Picture of Hitoshi Doi's 3x3 Eyes UFO catcher dolls (as well as many others--no one should have that many Sailor Moon dolls).

Related Links

3 Eyes is Coming Through
OK, so it doesn't have anything to do with Yuzo Takada, but this manga does involve a three-eyed character with amazing powers and a split personality. It's by Osamu Tezuka, so it's worth a look.

ADV Films
Information about A.D. Vision's subtitled Nuku Nuku and Blue Seed videos.

Blue Seed Analysis
A very attractive site for Blue Seed, a TV series created by Yuzo Takada. I dream of giving 3x3 Eyes a similar treatment one day.

Nuku Nuku TV News
This is my page devoted to the recent Bannou Bunka Neko Musume TV series and the "DASH!" OAV series. Sadly, the new TV show does not compare favorably with the original in my opinion.

Super Catgirl Nuku Nuku
A Bannou Bunka Neko Musume homepage, another anime created by Takada-sensei.

If anyone knows of links not mentioned here, let me know. I want these pages to be as complete as possible (as you might have noticed).


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