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3x3 Eyes : The Anime Pages
A synopsis of both anime series, plus some reviews, pictures, and links.

Ancient Eyes
This is a PBeM (play by email) roleplaying campaign using the GURPS 3x3 Eyes rules. The web site has game information and character profiles. Story chronicles are added as the campaign progresses.

Anime Magic -- 3X3 Eyes
Here is a brief overview of the series, plus an original wallpaper and some links.

This page contains detailed reviews of the Japanese manga, as well as game and music information and some nice images.

Fran's 3x3 Eyes Page (New!)
Fran has a small page with image galleries and some information. Her site also features some of her 3x3 Eyes fan art and pictures of her in a Pai costume at AnimeExpo 99 (pic 1, pic 2).

GURPS 3x3 Eyes
Henrique de Moraes Holschuh has released a draft version of his unofficial 3x3 Eyes role-playing game rules for the GURPS system.

Pai-chan's HomePage!
Not to be confused with the site below, this is the homepage of Jamie Yeo, and it contains some pictures and info about 3x3 Eyes.

Pai's Page! - A 3x3 Eyes Homepage
A very nice 3x3 Eyes homepage by Fred Gallagher. This was the first English-language 3x3 Eyes fan page, and it has proven to be an "inspiration" for many other pages. Unfortunately, it is no longer being updated.
(Also check out Fred's new personal homepage at www.fredart.com.)

Parvati IV no Kyuuden
'The Palace of Parvati IV' is a nice 3x3 Eyes site that has appeared recently. There is a good character guide, anime synopses, and more info. Lots of pictures and product scans are available as well.

Ronny's Crappy 3x3 Eyes Translations
A page with translations of recent 3x3 Eyes manga collections and chapters from Young Magazine (and in spite of the page name, they are pretty good).

Ryoppei : The corner of Yuzo Takada
This page contains a list of manga created by Takada, plus images from Blue Seed and 3x3 Eyes. The page is also available in Spanish.

Sam's Sazan Eyes Page!
A page with some introductory information about the series and a picture gallery. You can also send an anime postcard.

Sazan Eyes Fanfiction Archive (new location)
A nice collection of 3x3 Eyes fanfics. Dark Fiber has done a good job of tracking these down, and he even contributed a few fanfics of his own.

Sazan Eyes Manga Translations (new location)
This site has HTML conversions of a few of the fan manga translations.

Sazan Eyes Ring of the Third Eye
The first and only webring devoted to 3x3 Eyes. The ring is growing steadily, and it interesting to visit all of the different sites. The webring maintainers at OtakuWorld have their own 3x3 Eyes page. You can also view an index of the entire ring.

Serpent's Anime Page - Sazan 3x3 Eyes
Serpent has created pages containing information and reviews for many anime shows. This is the 3x3 Eyes page, which contains some information and multimedia files.

Suna no Kioku: Sazan Eyes
This new page promises to have a lot of interesting content. (Right now it's being reconstructed....)

TAP: 3x3 Eyes
This is a new page under development, currently compiling various information about the series.

The Lost Gate of Konron
Zach Rasmussen is working on a nice site with various resources, including character summaries and a 3x3 Eyes shopping guide. Here's an alternate link to the site, just in case.

This is 3x3 EYES.
Iron Mouse's synopsis and review of the manga series (and some BIG spoilers). Be sure to check out the character guide--I missed the links at the bottom of the page on my first visit. This is one of the more detailed 3x3 Eyes pages out there.

Washyuu's Anime Hall of Fame - Yuzo Takada
This site has background info on Takada-sensei, plus images and links for 3x3 Eyes, Bannou Bunka Neko Musume (Nuku Nuku), and Blue Seed.

Vortex 3x3 Eyes Anime Guide
Jani Mäkitalo provides an episode guide for the European release of the anime series, as well as information on many of the characters that appear in the anime and a timeline of events.

Yakumo Fujii's 3X3 Eyes Page
A somewhat bilingual page that looks suspiciously similar to several other pages on this list. Hmm...


AMID 3x3 Eyes Guide
Part of the Anime Manga Internet Directory, this page has a synopsis and review of the first series, a Japanese cast list, and links.

Anime Densetsu - 3x3 Eyes 2
This is a review of the Chinese version of the 3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~ game, the second game for PCs. There are a few screenshots as well.

Anime-Genesis - 3x3 Sazan Eyes
Here is a brief review of the anime series, plus a small image gallery.

ASTYLE 3x3 Eyes Part 1
A review of the first 30-minute OAV, with a form for submitting your own vote.

Excelsis 3x3 Eyes Reviews Page
This is a review page with a twist. A form on the page allows visitors to submit their own reviews of the 3x3 Eyes anime.

Sazan Eyes II
An introduction to the second OAV series, and some large pictures.

The Anime Critic - 3x3 Eyes Review
Here is a good detailed review of 3x3 Eyes dubbed anime.

If anyone knows of links not mentioned here, let me know. I want these pages to be as complete as possible (as you might have noticed).


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