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Manga Translations

Here are fan translations of the original 3x3 Eyes manga by Yuzo Takada. These unofficial translations are made freely available for the benefit of owners of the Japanese manga. The translations should not be used for profit in any way. Fans are strongly encouraged to purchase the official English publication of the manga from Dark Horse Comics. Ask for 3x3 Eyes at your local comic shop, or visit the Dark Horse web site for purchasing information. Please support the companies that support manga!

(Translation news now appears on the site news page. Looking for anime scripts? Check the file archive.)


The following table contains links to the online HTML translations as well as ZIP files for offline reading. The ZIP files are currently divided according to story arc. For a more detailed overview, see the manga chapter list.

Story Arc Volume Translated Chapters Zipped Archives
Seima Yogeki
(Divine Demon Monster Busters)
Vol. 1 1-4, 5-8
(51.2 KB, 1999-Jan-30)
Vol. 2 1-5, 6-9
Seima Densetsu
(Divine Demon Legend)
Vol. 3 1-7, 8-13
(64.7 KB, 1999-Jan-30)
Vol. 4 1-6, 7-13
Vol. 5 1-7, 8-13
Seima Seiki
(Divine Demon Century)
Vol. 6 1-5, 6-11
(75.0KB, 1999-May-18)
Vol. 7 1-6, 7-13
Vol. 8 1-9, 10-13 (New!)
Vol. 9 see Mr. Kaiyanwang's Place (New!)
Vol. 10 1-6
Vol. 11 14
Seima Sousei
(Divine Demon Genesis)
Vol. 21 7-9
(14.2KB, 1999-Jan-30)
Vol. 22 4-5,9-14
Vol. 27 see Ronny's page
Vol. 28 see Ronny's page
Vol. 29 see Ronny's page
Vol. 30 see Ronny's page
Vol. 31 see Ronny's page
Vol. 32 see Ishikawa Kazuo's page
Vol. 33 see Ishikawa Kazuo's page
Complete Chapter List Vols. 1-34 (titles only) (New!) 3x3chapt.zip
(7.59KB, 2000-Jul-27)


Many of the translations on this site were inherited from the 3x3 Eyes Translation Page, originally maintained by Jeff Hansen. Here are Jeff's comments about the translations:

In case you didn't know, 3x3 Eyes is published weekly in Young Magazine. When enough episodes (typically fifteen or so) have accumulated they are gathered together and published as a tankoubon. The stories which appear in the books are numbered by which book and which story within the book they are.

The translations are broken down by the tankoubon volume they appear in and have labels of the form "Story 4(#12)". This refers to the fourth story in the volume, that is twelfth in the series. The series number gets reset to #1 every once in a while, but this hasn't happened since volume 13.

As you can see, many translations are still missing. Since I am not a translator myself (well, not much of one), this page relies on the donations of fellow fans. If you have translated some chapters of the manga, please contact me. I do own all of the Japanese manga volumes, so I can do proofreading if requested.

3x3 Eyes story, art, and characters Copyright © 1987-2000 Yuzo Takada / Kodansha.
This unofficial fan web site is not affiliated in any way with the copyright holders.

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