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3x3 Eyes I-IV

The original series of 3x3 Eyes OAVs consists of four 30 minute episodes. They were released on video and laserdisc starting in 1991. The storyline of the anime is based on the manga, and covers roughly the first two collected manga volumes.

3x3 Eyes I - Tensei no Shou (Reincarnation)
30 min., NTSC, Stereo, Japanese Audio
Bandai-Emotion, 1991-7-25, 4660 yen
VHS: BES-681
LD: BEAL-461 (CAV)
3x3 Eyes II - Yakumo no Shou (Yakumo)
30 min., NTSC, Stereo, Japanese Audio
Bandai-Emotion, 1991-9-26, 4660 yen
VHS: BES-682
LD: BEAL-462 (CAV)
3x3 Eyes III - Saisei no Shou (Accepting Life)
30 min., NTSC, Stereo, Japanese Audio
Bandai-Emotion, 1991-11-21, 4660 yen
VHS: BES-683
LD: BEAL-463 (CAV)
3x3 Eyes IV - Meisou no Shou (Run Astray)
30 min., NTSC, Stereo, Japanese Audio
Bandai-Emotion, 1992-3-19, 4660 yen
VHS: BES-684
LD: BEAL-464 (CAV)

The VHS tapes listed above are for sale only (not rental). The rental version of the anime comes on two tapes, each tape containing two episodes. There is also apparently an "making of..." section on the rental tapes. The price of each tape is much higher than the sale tapes. [I read about the rentals somewhere, but now I can't find the source. I will provide more specific information if I can find it.]

3x3 Eyes ~Seima Densetsu~ I-III

The new 3x3 Eyes Original Animation Video series, called 3x3 Eyes ~Seima Densetsu~ (Legend of the Divine Demon), was released in Japan as three episodes on both video and laserdisc starting in 1995. The episodes continue the storyline from the first anime series, covering roughly volumes 3-5 of the manga.

3x3 Eyes ~Seima Densetsu~ I - Matsuei no Shou (Descendant)
49 mins, NTSC, Stereo, Japanese Audio
Emotion, 1995-7-25, 6311 yen
VHS: BES-986
LD: BELL-647 (CLV)
3x3 Eyes ~Seima Densetsu~ II - Kagi no Shou (The Key)
45 mins, NTSC, Stereo, Japanese Audio
Emotion, 1995-12-18, 6311 yen
VHS: BES-987
LD: BELL-648 (CLV)
3x3 Eyes ~Seima Densetsu~ III - Kikan no Shou (Returning)
50 mins, NTSC, Stereo, Japanese Audio
Emotion, 1996-6-25, 6311 yen
VHS: BES-988
LD: BELL-649 (CLV)

Scripts for the new anime series are available from Central Anime. Their time and expense given to translate the anime is definitely appreciated.

Worldwide Releases

The 3x3 Eyes OAVs are known by different naming and numbering schemes in various parts of the world. The anime was dubbed into English by Streamline Pictures, but it is currently out of print in North America. Manga UK has the rights outside of North America, and they have released the dubbed anime (identical to the Streamline dub) on VHS. This section will be updated very soon with news about the upcoming re-release of the anime by Pioneer, featuring a newly recorded English dub as well as subtitled VHS and bilingual DVD releases.

For more information, see the FAQ.

Just for fun, here is a comparison of the original Japanese anime voices and the (Streamline/Manga) English dub. All samples are from the first OAV. The Japanese clips were recorded from the Japanese LD, and the English tracks came from the original Streamline VHS release. You may need to install RealPlayer to listen to the clips.

Description Clips
Pai finds Yakumo in Culture Shock
(with Mama)
Japanese #1 English #1
Yakumo encounters a bus in HK
(with Ling-Ling, Pai)
Japanese #2 English #2
Sanjiyan and Yakumo on a rooftop Japanese #3 English #3

Future Releases

There has been a rumor for some time that a 3x3 Eyes TV series is in production, but so far this remains unconfirmed. Currently there are no announced plans for future OAVs, but this could always change.

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