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As is true for any popular anime or manga series, there is a plethora of 3x3 Eyes merchandise available in Japan. There are posters, pencil boards, puzzles, pocket mirrors, and even UFO catcher dolls. Basically, there is way too much stuff to actually list here. Here are some sample images:

[mini poster set]
[pencil board] [Sanjiyan UFO catcher doll] [Kaiyanwang UFO catcher doll]


Here are some pictures of the 1997 3x3 Eyes calendar. This is one of the Jan./Feb. page, and one of the entire calendar. The calendar comes as seven separate mini-posters in a cool cardboard holder. The calendar text is entirely in Italian, with a translation sheet that lists the months in Japanese, English, and Italian.

Data for other calendars will be added later.

Calendar photos by Hepoi Ko. All other merchandise subjected to my flatbed scanner.

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