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The gallery is a showcase for fan art related to 3x3 Eyes. Select the thumbnails to see the full-size pictures. If you would like to submit your own art to the gallery, see the submission information below.

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New Additions

Yakumo, by Tom
by Tom Garden
full size (182KB)
Sanjiyan, by Cassandra
by Cassandra Savino
full size (68KB)
Yakumo, by Heather
Yakumo and friends
by Heather Heitz
complete picture (160KB)
Benaresu, by Mark
by Mark Henry
full size (23.6KB)
To-Chau, by Mark
by Mark Henry
full size (24KB)


If you have created some 3x3 Eyes artwork, you can send it to gallery@sazan.net and it will be added to the gallery. In the message, please include your name or nickname and your web page address if you have one. Only submit your own work, and no X-rated art please! Nudity may be acceptable, as long as it's as tasteful as the original 3x3 Eyes manga. If you are sending a large file (over 100 kilobytes), then please contact me first.

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