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Pai, by Fran
by Fran
full size (144KB)
More 3x3 Eyes art is available at her fanart site.
Yakumo and Pai, by Cassandra Savino
Yakumo & Pai
by Cassandra Savino
full size (42.9KB)
Youko, by Ki Lok
by Ki Lok
full size (11.9KB)
Pai and Yakumo, by José
Pai & Yakumo sketch
by José
full size (95.0KB)
Pai, by Fred Gallagher
Pai sketch
by Fred Gallagher
full size (100KB)
A sketch of Meixing is available at FredArt
Pai, by Sailor Alex
by Sailor Alex
full-body picture (6.5KB)

also as available as a KiSS doll (9.9KB)
(with multiple outfits!)
See OtakuWorld's KiSS page for viewing software.

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