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Staff and Cast Biographies

Here are brief biographies of the people behind the scenes, those responsible for the manga, anime, and CDs. Much of the voice actor information came from Hitoshi Doi's excellent Seiyuu (voice actor) database. The abbreviation SD stands for Seima Densetsu (Legend of the Divine Demon), the second anime series.

Staff - Japanese Cast - English Cast (coming soon)

Takada, Yuzo (高田裕三)
born March 21, 1963
creator of 3x3 Eyes, as well as Blue Seed, Bannou Bunka Neko Musume (All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku), Genzo Hitogata Kiwa, and Everyday is Sunday - his real name is Yuji Takada (高田裕次)


Arai, Koichi (新井浩一)
born June 28, 1961
animation director and character designer for the original OAV series
Endo, Akinori (遠藤明範)
born Oct. 6, 1959
screenwriter for original anime and author of 3x3 Eyes novels - other credits include City Hunter, Z Gundam, Gundam ZZ, Teito Monogatari (a.k.a. Tokyo the Last Megalopolis), Gunnm (a.k.a. Battle Angel), and Kindaichi Shounen no Jiken-bo (Young Kindaichi's Casefile)
Kumagai, Tetsuya (熊谷哲矢)
born Oct. 8, 1966
character designer and animation director of for the Seima Densetsu anime series
Nishio, Daisuke (西尾大介)
born Apr. 1, 1959
director of episodes 1, 2, and 4 of the original anime series - other directorial work includes GeGeGe no Kitaro and Kindaichi Shounen no Jiken-bo
Studio Palm
collective name used by Takada-sensei's group of assistants - they have been co-credited on the 3x3 Eyes manga since volume 11
Takada Band
musical group (Ami Mimatsu, Fumihiko Tachiki, and others) that has image songs on many of the 3x3 Eyes CDs - they also recorded several songs for the Blue Seed anime, including the opening theme
Takenouchi, Kazuhisa (竹之内和久)
born Nov. 6, 1960
director of the third original OAV and the Seima Densetsu OAV series
Wada, Kaoru (和田 薫)
born 1962
composer of the soundtrack for the 3x3 Eyes anime - other work includes soundtracks for the Silent Möbius movies, Ninja Scroll, Kindaichi Shonen no Jiken-bo, and the recent Record of Lodoss War TV series


Aono, Takeshi (青野 武)
born June 19, 1936
voice actor for Chou (OAV vol. 1)
Fujita, Toshiko (藤田淑子)
voice actress for Ms. Huang/Shunkai; other roles include Rally Cheyenne in Silent Möbius and Jerry in Tom & Jerry!
Ginga, Banjou (銀河万丈)
voice actor for Steve Long; other shows include Bakuretsu Hunter, Touch, and tons of old mecha shows like Votoms and Gundam
(this man has the weirdest Japanese name I've ever seen)
Hagimori, Junko (萩森順子)
born Oct. 20
voice actress for Ken-Ken (SD vol. 1)
Hayashi, Nobutoshi (林 延年)
born June 10
voice actor for Naparva (SD vol. 2-3); other roles include Gattsu in Berserk, Tasuki in Fushigi Yuugi, and Basara in Macross 7
Hayashibara, Megumi (林原めぐみ)
born Mar. 30, 1967
voice actress for Pai/Sanjiyan; also the voice of Nuku Nuku, Momiji Fujimiya in Blue Seed, female Ranma in Ranma 1/2, Lina Inverse in Slayers, Rei Ayanami in Evangelion, and many many more characters - also a popular singer, and several of her songs are on various 3x3 Eyes soundtracks
Kawamura, Maria (川村万梨阿)
born Nov. 21, 1961
voice actress for "Lady", the evil doll woman in the first SD OAV; other roles include Naaga in Slayers, Fatima Lachesis in Five Star Stories, and Jung Freud in Gunbuster
Kikuchi, Masami (菊池正美)
born Apr. 24, 1960
voice actor for Saru (2nd 3x3 Eyes OAV); other roles include Tenchi in Tenchi Muyo and Keiichi in Ah! My Goddess
Kishino, Yukimasa (岸野幸正)
voice actor for Mama, the gay bar master, as well as some extra parts in OAVs 3 and 4; other shows include Rayearth, Slam Dunk, Street Fighter II The Movie, and Toshinden
Kouda, Mariko (國府田マリ子)
born Sep. 5, 1969
voice actress for "woman" (3nd 3x3 Eyes OAV); other roles include Miki in Marmalade Boy and Yuri in Dirty Pair Flash - she's very popular among Japanese anime fans
Midorikawa, Hikaru (緑川 光)
born May 2, 1968
voice actor for Hide-san, Yakumo's classmate (OAV vol. 2); other roles include Tamahome in Fushigi Yuugi, Heero Yuy in Gundam Wing, and Zelgadis in Slayers
Mizutani, Yuko (水谷優子)
born Nov. 4, 1964
voice actress for Natsuko; also the voice of Mihoshi in Tenchi Muyo and Marie in Nadia
Nishimura, Tomohiro (西村智博)
born Feb. 2, 1961
voice actor for Hazrat Haan in the video games; he has also released several solo CDs
Ohtsuka, Akio (大塚明夫)
born Nov. 24, 1959
voice actor for Benares; other roles include Kunikida in Blue Seed, Anavel Gato in Gundam 0083, and Captain Nemo in Nadia
Orikasa, Ai (折笠 愛)
born Dec. 12, 1963
voice actress for Ling-Ling Li; also the voice of Takeuchi Ryoko in Blue Seed and Ryoko in Tenchi Muyo
Saka, Osamu (阪 脩)
voice actor for Prof. Fujii (OAV vol. 1); other roles include Son Gohan in Dragonball, King Faan in Record of Lodoss War, and Fudou Myooh in Utsunomiko (significant if you know who Fudou Myooh is)
Satou, Hiroyuki (佐藤浩之)
voice actor for Tatsuya (Tatchan), Yakumo's classmate (OAV vol. 2); he has also appeared in several robot shows such as Getter Robo GO, Gundam F-91, and Transformers: Victory and Zone
Shioya, Kouzou (塩屋浩三)
voice actor for the monster (gesu) in OAV vol. 2; other shows include Gaogaigar, KO Seiki Beast, and several versions of Lamune & 40
Tanaka, Mayumi (田中真弓)
born Jan. 15, 1955
voice actress for Meixing Long; also the voice of Kuririn and Yajirobe in Dragonball/DBZ and Pazu in Laputa
Tomizawa, Michie (富沢美智恵)
born Oct. 20, 1961
voice actress for Don-chan; other roles include Sailor Mars in Sailor Moon, C-ko Kotobuki in Project A-ko, and Linna in BubbleGum Crisis
Tsujitani, Kouji (辻谷耕史)
born Apr. 26, 1962
voice actor for Yakumo Fujii; also the voice of Tylor in Space Captain Tylor, Takashi Niimai in Video Girl Ai, and Guy in Ai no Kusabi

Note: All names on this page, and nearly everywhere else on this site, are written with the family name last when the name is Romanized (Western style). Names written in kanji have the family name first (Japanese style).

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