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Magic and Names Guide

This is an HTML conversion of the 3x3 Eyes Magic and Names Guide compiled by Iain Sinclair. Nothing has been changed, except for adding the HTML tags and index and converting the Japanese text from (partially broken) JIS to Shift-JIS. If you cannot currently see the Japanese text, check the Help page for suggestions.

Please note that this guide is a few years old, and quite a bit of the information is incorrect. However, it is still a useful reference. The guide contains several spoilers, so proceed with caution. I do not plan to update this document, but I have added some footnotes to point out errors.

The original JIS-encoded text and Postscript versions of this guide are available for download.


				3x3 EYES
			   Magic and Names Guide

Original story & art Copyright (C) 1987-93 Takada Yuzo/Kodansha


0. About this Guide

  This is intended as a sort of 3x3 Eyes "answers to Frequently Asked
Questions", originally written for readers of the Usenet alt.manga
(now rec.arts.manga) newsgroup.  You should be able to understand most
of the manga after checking here, even if your Japanese is poor or
  There are spoilers ahead, though nothing really intolerable.
  Everything is listed in order of appearance.  Romanization is pretty
haphazard; first priority to Takada's (where it exists), then whatever
seems sensible.
  A Postscript version of this guide is available for ftp from
venice.mps.ohio-state.edu: anime-manga/manga-samples/mj/saz-guide.Z.

  Many thanks to:
  Patrick Yip and Hiroshi Haga, for taking the time to answer my questions.
  Tonghyun Kim, for many helpful additions and corrections.
  David Mou, Dan Su, Tsao Sheng-Te, Kunio Muto, Hsu Titus Heng-Hsueh,
    John W. Yung and others, for minor additions and corrections.

I don't have the time or inclination to keep this guide up to date
any more.  (3x3 Eyes seems to go really downhill after vol.11.)  Also,
the US rights have been bought by someone who doesn't seem very keen
on doing anything with them.

So this will probably be the final version of this guide, unless someone
else wants to keep it up to date, which they are most welcome to do.
Don't worry, I know this needs a lot of work.  :-)  (Hopefully, TK's
forthcoming guide to occult manga will help rectify things.)

					-- Iain Sinclair
					   March, 1993


			             Ù
			È  È       Ü  Ü
			  [           `

1. Characters

(Note:  Kanjis marked with an ¦ are only approximations to the
original kanjis.  Surnames are first, unless they are non-Asian names.)

Sanjiyan Unkara (Three Eyes/Triclops, ŽO‘üŠá™Ý‰Þ—…)
  The Sanjiyans are beautiful, extremely long-lived creatures who are
  capable of consuming one soul and merging it with their own.  (A human
  soul looks like a light, gelatinous ~10cm radius ball.)

  Apparently, the Sanjiyans are a degenerate race;  the older ones have
  become decadent and callous, while the younger, more emotional ones will
  develop split personalities (eg. the dual nature of Pai/Sanjiyan).
  Some Sanjiyans believed that this mental death will be their ultimate end,
  and volunteered themselves to be turned into human beings.

Pai, Parvati IV  ƒpƒCCƒpƒ‹ƒoƒeƒB[Žl¢
  The Sanjiyan who ended up coming to Japan, seeking to be humanified.
  Pai is the Sanjiyan's cheery, caring personality; Parvati IV is the
  Sanjiyan's arrogant, ruthless personality.  They are different aspects
  of the same being, and aware of each other.  (Pai attempts to "talk"
  to the Sanjiyan in vols. 2 and 5.)  Parvati IV has to "sleep" for
  a long time after performing powerful spells.

  In Hindu legend, Parvati is the wife of Shiva, renowned for her
  charming & gentle nature.  (It seems that this became fixed in Hindu
  legend early in the first millenium AD... but the vol.4 scene where Pai
  confronts Shiva is set in 1678.)

Fujii Yakumo  “¡ˆä”ª‰_
  Pai's "Wu".
  Yakumo's father was an archaeology professor who went to Tibet to study the
  legend of the Sanjiyans, but died a natural death after he met Pai, while
  he was trying to get out of Yunnan (a province of China, near Tibet).
  Yakumo carries his father's legacy: the promise to make Pai human.

  At the start of the story he is 17, but later had to quit high school
  due to the pressures of being an immortal. ^_^  He worked part-time in
  Culture Shock, a gay bar in Shinjuku (he has no homosexual inclination,
  though).  Later, he worked as an employee of Yougekisha, and attended
  culinary school.  Yakumo's eyes are "as narrow as a string!", but they
  occasionally open.

  Parvati IV is far from impressed with Yakumo's performance as a "Wu",
  going as far as calling forth Kaiyanwang to have him sacked (vol.10).

Sanemichiji Kimie, "Mama"
  The boss of Culture Shock.  Mama's gender isn't quite clear -- looked
  after Yakumo since he was quite young, sounds masculine in the anime,
  (very slightly) feminine face.
  (see note #1)

Wu (Void/Without/Not/Nothingness, Ù)
  When a Sanjiyan consumes a soul, the "Wu" mark appears on the victim's
  forehead.  The "Wu" is a near-indestructible, soulless being who will
  only die when the Sanjiyan does.  The status of "Wu" can be revoked
  or changed via extremely powerful magics, like the humanification
  (The actual "Wu" character is variously said to represent:
     "A multitude of men, acting upon a forest, felling the trees, clearing
      a tract of land. ... Hence ... the general abstract notions of
      vanishing, defect, want, negation."
     "A person kneeling at a table, head turned, indicating that they
      are unable to eat any more.")

Takuhi (Man bird, žùãŁ¦)
  Pai's "friend in the stick".  A harpy-like creature, it can grow to
  enormous size (~20m long and 8m tall), but it can also appear hand-sized.
  Hatched in eggs in Konron.

Yougekisha (Monster Buster Inc., —dŒ‚ŽÐ)
  /A Hongkong publishing/exorcism company which eventually includes:
/Chen Aguri ’ˆŸŒI
|  Chief editor.  In vol.1, turned to stone and stayed that way for
|  several years, but reappears in vol.14-15.
|Lee Ling-Ling —›—é—é
|  The money-hungry assistant editor.
|Long Meixing  —´”ü¯
|  One year younger than Yakumo.  Like Ling-ling, an accomplished martial
|  artist.  She attends university in London.
|Steve Long ƒXƒeƒB[ƒu —´
|  Mei Shin's bespectacled, stubble-covered elder brother.  An exorcist
|  by trade, he sometimes wears Taoist robes, and is occasionally referred to
|  as Long Dao-Shi (Taoist monk Long).  Also gives Yakumo "some not-so-useful
|  romantic advice".

Ningen no Zou (Statue of Humanity, lŠÔ‚Ì‘œ)
  The statue with the power to make Sanjiyans into human beings.  The
  humanification process requires three Sanjiyans:  two are stripped of
  their special powers, which are simultaneously transferred to the third

Shunkai (Swift demon, v‹S)
Song Lii Wong
  [also: Song Lii Huang]
  Shunkai is Ms. Wong's true name.  The real Mrs. Wong died some years
  ago, and Shunkai assumed her identity,  living the life of a successful
  businesswoman in Hongkong's peak district. She is aided by a few loyal
  followers.  In demon form, she has talons, a tail and a single horn,
  and her breath can turn living flesh to stone (the effect lasting until
  her death).

  Shunkai's ambition is to exploit the Sanjiyans' power for her own
  ends, especially so that she could become Kaiyanwang's "Wu".  Acting on
  Parvati IV's dissatisfaction with Yakumo, she eventually persuaded her
  to try to become the next Kaiyanwang.

Chui Dao-Shi (Taoist monk Chui, ás“¹Žm)
  The only alias known for Shunkai's henchman, the "eye-blob monster" who
  is able to possess and control many people simultaneously.  He attempted
  to blackmail Sanjiyan into granting him "Wu" status when he repeatedly
  possessed Yakumo's friend, Natsuko.  Later, he assumed the guise of Chui
  Dao-Shi, as part of Shunkai's final scheme to control the Sanjiyan.

Natsuko ‰ÄŽq
  Yakumo's friend from junior high.  Even when she had left school and
  was working as a highschool teacher, she never forgot about Yakumo.

Kaiyanwang (Demon-Eye King, ‹S–Ú‰¤)
Shiva   ƒVƒ”ƒ@
  [also: Siva]
  Kaiyanwang is the ruler of the Sanjiyans.
  It took the lives of every Sanjiyan (except Pai) to banish Shiva,
  the last Kaiyanwang, to another dimension.  Pai was once Shiva's
  fiancee.  In history according to Pai's consciousness (vol.10-11),
  Shiva was corrupted/empowered when the humanification process went awry.
  At that time, Shiva was not yet Kaiyanwang -- the title was held by a
  deformed four-armed Sanjiyan, who suicided after he was accidentally
  turned into a human.

  (In Hindu mythology, Shiva's third eye is partly Parvati's fault.
  According to legend, when Shiva's third eye opens, it will burn with
  light as bright as the sun.)

Ryouko (Insect-dragon Worm, —´åÁ¦)
  A monster who kidnaps Steve Long and promises to exchange him for the
  missing fragment of the Ningen no Zou, believing that Kaiyanwang will
  grant immortality to anyone who delivers it intact.

Benares ƒxƒiƒŒƒX
  Shiva's powerful "Wu", at least 320 years old, who might once have been
  human.  He is an arch-sorceror who has developed most of the magic
  used by Yakumo & others.  (Benares is the name of a town known for intense
  Shiva worship, located sth. of Nepal on the River Ganges, in India.)

Konron (The K'unlun mountains, ›Ä›À)
    [In Chinese, both Kun and Ron are old, seldom-used characters.]
  The range of mountains in northern Tibet, and the supposed location of
  the Sanjiyan holy land.

  (In Chinese myth, K'un-lun is a sort of paradise ruled by Hsi Wang Mu
  [=Seioubou, in Japanese].  It later became known as the place where the
  dead might achieve Buddhist Nirvana.)
  (see note #2)

  /The search for Konron involves:
/Choukai (Charm Demon, Žô‹S)
|  A Chinese man who, under Benares' direction, is also looking for Konron.
|  He commands Ran-Bao-Bao and other monsters, eg.  Naoshikai (Brain-eating
|  Demon, äIH‹S).  He knows how to use magic circles and magic
|  (paper) talismans.  Choukai has a special power which he can
|  use as a last resort.
|Jake Macdonald
|  An American treasure hunter who looks for Konron in the hope that he
|  can find the secret of immortality (to help his terminally ill girlfriend).
|Hong-Nyang (Crimson Girl, g–º)
|Ran-Pao-Pao (Wolf Rage Rage,  ˜T–\–\)
|  Hong-Nyang is a little red-haired girl who Pai befriended.
|  She can instantly change into the Ran-Pao-Pao, a huge four-armed
|  monster, and can seemingly be summoned from another dimension.
|Tinzin (Monastery Boss, ‘m‰@’·)
|  Head monk in the Tibetan monastery.
|Ramuba  ƒ‰ƒ€ƒo
|  Ramuba has the title "Gieltsap" (Deputy Recter of the Cloister, ‘m‰@’·‘㗝).
|  He is the deputy head of the Tibetan monastery, and is under Choukai's
|  command.
|Naparva  ƒiƒpƒ‹ƒo
|  The monk who helps Pai and Yakumo in their quest for Konron, and later
|  reappears to help Yakumo in the fight against Vishnu.
|Houasyou (Enchanted Snake, ‰»ŽÖ)
|Ayanokouji Pai  ˆ»¬˜H‚Ï‚¢
|  Houasyou is the beast used by Benares to perform Choang-Rin-Rin on
|  Pai.  In so doing, Houasyou apparently lost her memory, and was thus
|  unable to carry out Benares' will.  When Choang-Rin-Rin was expelled
|  from Pai, the Sanjiyan was able to reincarnate Houasyou as Pai
|  Ayanokouji, the girl who (with Houasyou's memory, but Pai's body)
|  lived a life of her own in the years that Yakumo was looking for her.
|  Much later, Pai and Yakumo attempt to find Houasyou, because she
|  may have information deep in her memory which will help them find/defeat
|  Benares.  Eventually, she regains most of her memory, and control over
|  her human/snake metamorphosis, but refuses to reveal Benares' location
|  until Yakumo becomes powerful enough to fight him.
|  Yakumo finds her attractive, but doesn't love her; though she often
|  forces her affections on Yakumo, arousing the Sanjiyan's ire and envy. ^_^
|  (see note #3)

Tai-Soei (Grand Year, ‘¾Î)
  A monster awakened by Shunkai to lure Pai out of Konron.  Swarms
  of locusts are its food;  it also controls a dagger, another
  of the keys to Konron (like the incense burner), with which it can
  possess people,  or drain the "life energy" from them (so it can
  hatch).  It is being hatched out of a many-eyed egg hovering in the
  "dimensional hole" which joins Konron and the sky above Yume no Shima
  (Dream Island, –²‚Ì“‡, an artificial island in Tokyo Bay
  made out of garbage.)

  (In Chinese mythology, Tai-Soei is a star who became a god.  There's
  also a story about Tai-Soei being a cannibal monster who came out once
  every year.)

Katsuragi Sakuko Š‹é²Žq
  A girl Yakumo met at culinary school.  Along with some friends, she and
  Yakumo wanted to start a party restaurant and retire.  She made Yakumo
  promise to not leave the restaurant, no matter what relationship problems
  he might have.

  The Asahi Shinbun newspaper journalist who wakes up one morning to discover
  Pai in his apartment.  He used to be in the social section, but was sent
  to the cultural section because of his failure to get any big scoops.
  His career is on the skids... until he meets Pai.
  (see note #4)

Hyouma (Possessor Devil, œß–‚)
  The Hyouma are a magic-using Indian clan who need the Sanjiyans to
  reproduce.  They are so powerful that babies will often possess
  their mother while in the womb, causing shocking deformities.
  The Hyouma aided Sanjiyans in battle, and in return Hyouma women
  were made "Wu".  Thus, the baby could be safely "killed"
  inside the womb and taken out before it possessed the mother.

  The Hyouma live in a Butisvara, a fictional republic on the Indian border.
  The leader of the clan is also the king of the country.

  The Hyouma's power is to allow them to "merge" with other creatures or
  monsters, and thus possess the power of that creature. They normally have
  human form, but when necessary they can change form to harness the power
  of "merged" creatures.

Gupta  ƒOƒvƒ^
  A tough Hyouma sorceress who attempts to capture Pai.  She has a small
  pet, "Gatsu", who eavesdrops for her.

Galga Gaarhapatiyam  ƒKƒ‹ƒKEƒK[ƒ‹ƒnƒpƒeƒBƒ„ƒ€
  Prince of the Hyouma clan, he plots to rule the world, and is adept with
  the 'Fakir's Horns' (a traditional Indian melee weapon).  He was once
  Gupta's lover;  Galga didn't really love her, though.  She carried a baby
  fathered by him, which Galga indirectly killed.
  Galga later becomes Benares' faithful servant, partially in return
  for Benares saving his life.

Kinkara  ƒLƒ“ƒJƒ‰
  The mute, wheelchair-bound, panther-masked figure who acts as Galga's
  advisor.  Supposedly, Galga found him in the wilderness.
  ("Kinkara" means "summon and serve", and is the Sanskrit word for a
  side servant of Fudou Myoo [="Acalanatha" in Sanskrit, which is...])

Haan Hazrat  ƒn[ƒ“EƒnƒYƒ‰ƒbƒg
  Shy and blond-haired, Haan is the magic salesman who Yakumo met while
  travelling in Pakistan.  Haan gave Yakumo the eggs of Tou-Chau and
  Chin-Kuu when Yakumo promised to introduce him to a Japanese girl.
  (He learnt Japanese so he could meet Japanese girls, who he thinks are the
  most attractive in the world.)

  Years later, Haan caught up with Yakumo to hold him to his promise,
  and brought the eggs of Shou-Rin and Kuan-Yaa.  So Yakumo introduced
  him to the boss at Culture Shock!  But Haan became attracted to Pai, and
  a rivalry/friendship with Yakumo developed.

  The monster Yakumo fights in Sarawak (in Eastern Malaysia).
  They wanted to live as humans, and succeeded; but after they lose
  their human lives they return as a giant, multi-armed, horned
  monster.  The girl who Yakumo meets is the sister of that monster.
  She and Yakumo were locked up because they were suspected of causing
  the deaths of Japanese workers.

Anubis  ƒAƒkƒrƒX
  The Egyptian stone golem who is a guardian of Konron [?].  It asks
  for proof of Sanjiyan and "Wu", or it will turn curiosity-seekers into
  stone.  After remembering what he learnt from the 'Book of the Dead',
  Yakumo was able to prove himself "Wu" to Anubis' satisfaction.  (Sanjiyan
  didn't believe the legend, BTW.)

  (In Egyptian mythology, Anubis is a jackal-headed god of hell, and
  formerly judge of the dead (before Osiris took over).  The dead's heart is
  weighed against the feather of truth on a scale. Tatoh (the sand golem with
  a bird's head in 3x3 Eyes) carries the record of the deeds of the dead and 
  he also responsible for recording the trial. The creature (name?) sitting 
  beside the scale is a combination of several animals, waiting beside
  the scale to eat hearts.)

Madurai ƒ}ƒhƒDƒ‰ƒC
  In Pai's dreamworld, Parvati III's elven "Wu".  She lost her "Wu"
  status when the humanification process screwed up.

  Now living in present-day London as Connelly, a wizened old gambler,
  who once cast a spell which sealed Benares away in Wales for hundreds
  of years.

  (Also a town in modern-day India.)
  (see note #5)

Ganesa ƒKƒlƒVƒƒ
  In Pai's dreamworld, elephant-warrior "Wu" of the deformed Kaiyanwang.
  (Haan notes that in Hindu mythology, Ganesha is the good-natured son of
  Shiva - a clear contradiction.)

  (In Hindu mythology, he is the son by Siva and Parvati. 
  He used to have a human head, but was chopped off by his dad, Siva.
  It's because he was usually charged with guarding the entrance to Parvati's
  palace, and he was so stubborn that he refused to let passage of Siva!
  Parvati asked Siva to replace their son's head, and the first animal which
  passed the spot was picked, which happened to be an elephant.

  One night, Ganesa had eaten too much of his worshipers' offerings and
  he was taking a walk, riding on a rat (!). Because of a snake,
  Ganesa fell from his rat and his belly EXPLODED. To repair his
  broken belly, he wrapped the snake around his body. It was so funny
  that The Moon laughed at Ganesa. Being offended by The Moon, he
  threw one of his tusks at The Moon, cursing him. Due to Ganesa's
  curse, The Moon was fated to lose its light perodically, while
  Ganesa lost one of his tusks.  In 3x3 Eyes, Ganesa has a broken tusk..)

Parvati III  ƒCƒpƒ‹ƒoƒeƒB[ŽO¢
  In Pai's dreamworld, Pai's mother. She (along with Shiva) volunteers to
  be humanified.  Her schizophrenia is seemingly more advanced than Pai's
  -- a result of wearing Shiva's Claw (the creation of the deformed
  Kaiyanwang).  Normally, she is kind and gentle, quite different from
  the rest of the Sanjiyan tribe.

Kiyatu  ”Þ“z
  A unicorn-like beast summoned by Shunkai.  It was intended to consume
  Yakumo's soul, and thus pave the way for Shunkai to become Pai's "Wu".
  When initially summoned, it couldn't hold its shape, and Yakumo was
  tricked into to luring it back into the summoning circle (where Shunkai
  could regain control of it).

Kuuon  ™á
  The time when Sanjiyan society was at its height.

Spazug  ƒXƒpƒYƒO
  Because of Kaiyanwang's rapidly deteriorating body, Benares is in 
  a hurry to find the third Sanjiyan.  He has little time to waste,
  so he sends one of his followers, Spazug, on a mission to stop
  Yakumo and Pai from interfering.  He uses mind-control on Ayanokouji
  in attempt to get her to kill Yakumo.

Vishnu  ƒ”ƒBƒVƒk
  ??  (In Hindu mythology, one of the creators of the universe.)

2. Magic

Tou-Chao (Earth/Ground Claw, “y’Ü)
  A large, fast three-clawed monster which slices its opponents.
  One of the most common beast magics.

Shiva's Claw  ƒVƒ”ƒ@‚Ì’Ü
  A device which will keep a Sanjiyan in a naive state and suppress the
  dangerous, powerful personality.  It also stops the Sanjiyan from
  worry about anything (and he/she can easily defend themselves while
  wearing Shiva's Claw).

  It consists of a piece of cloth of palm's size with three holes for
  the thumb, the middle finger and the tail finger to fit in. On the cloth,
  there is a Sanskrit character.

  The claw works in the following way for Pai  [PY's conjecture]:
  Without the claw, Sanjiyan comes out unpredicatably (although she does
  usually when Pai is tired or asleep). With the claw, Sanjiyan is prevented
  from emerging, so that she won't wreak havoc. In return, she can harness
  some power of Sanjiyan by chanting some sanskrit spell. However, this
  power is never up to the level of a wakened Sanjiyan.  (That's why Pai was
  asked to take off the claw when Galga seemed to be gaining the upper hand
  in vol.8.)

Fei-Oh (Flying Jaws, ”òŠ{¦)
  Pai's bloated airborne pet, whom she can summon at will.  Fei-Oh is
  fairly resilient, and can change its size.  It has its eye in its mouth.

Kuan-Yaa (Shining Fang, Œõ‰å)
  A beam of light with a dragon's head.  Used by Benares to attack
  Yakumo, and later learned by Yakumo (who captured it in a vacuum flask!).

Chin-Kuu (Mirror Tick, ‹¾åÁ)
  A defensive beast magic, capable of returning powerful attacks such as
  Kuan-Yaa.  (Normal mirrors can also reflect Kuan-Yaa.)

Shi-Yao-Chong (Eat Monster Bug, H—då³)
  Feeds off supernatural energy; used against Macdonald, Pai and Yakumo
  when Tibetan monks imprisoned them.  Later, Macdonald used the egg of
  Shi-Yao-Chong to attack Benares.

Choang-Rin-Rin (Pierce Spirit Rhombus, úè˗ց¦)
  A dangerous magic which transforms a beast into a rhombus-shaped chip.
  The chip is implanted in the victim's forehead, permitting the beast to
  control him/her.  If the magic backfired, both the victim and the
  beast would disintegrate.

Huu-Yao-Chichiu (Binding Monster Spider, ”›—d’wå)
  Used by Benares to attack Yakumo; also used by Madurai to counter
  Ganesa's Rei-Syou and to attack Shiva.

Shou-Rin (Running Scale, ‘–—Ø)
  An skateboard-like creature with a stiff, pointy tail and protruding
  tusks.  Yakumo mainly uses it for transport, but sometimes as a weapon.
  It can't swim, though.

Cha-Lieh-Chong (Exploding Tearing Bug, ày—ôå³)
  A grenade-type beast magic.  Used by Madurai to attack Kaiyanwang's

Rei-Syou (Lightning Serpent, —‹ŽÖ)
  Used by Ganesa to attack an airborne Haan and Yakumo.

Hou-Yuang-Hou-Chao (Fire Ape Monkey Claw, ‰Î‰Žà˒Ü)
  Used by Ganesa to attack Madurai.

Hou-Lii-Chiya-Chong (Fire ??? Bug ‰Îå³)

  (Earth Vitality Gathering Spirit Bug, ’n¸W‹Cå³)
  Recharges the magical power of anyone to whom it is attached.

  (Four Heavens Sacred Vitality Offering Return, Žl“V¹¸•òŠÒ)
  Four creatures, each forming a vertex of a force-pyramid, which
  protects the caster from massively powerful attacks.

  The sacred number, 108.  108 talismans were required to keep Kiyatu
  stable and obedient;  they also protected the beast from the
  Sanjiyan's power.
Bao-Chii (?? Vapor, Ÿƒ)
Huon-Yaa (Wind Fang, •—‰å)
Xue-Hou (?? Fire)
  Spazug used these three magics to attack Yakumo.


Note 1: Mama
The romanization of Mama's real name is incorrect. It is actually Shingyouji Kimie (^sŽ›ŒN]). In the first 3x3 Eyes PC game, Pai's name on her Japanese passport is "Shingyouji Pai", which raises some interesting questions.

Note 2: Konron
Konron is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese place name Kunlun. In manga vol. 4, Yakumo explains that the gateway to the Seichi (Sanjiyan holy land) is in the legendary city of Kunlun, not necessarily the mountain range of the same name. The word Kunlun/Konron is used in a generic sense to mean "gateway to the Holy Land".

Note 3: Houasyou
When Houasyou is given a new body by the Sanjiyan, her name is changed to Ayanokouji Yohko (ˆ»¬˜H—tŽq), even though her friends still call her Pa-bo. This is presumably so that she won't be confused with the real Pai.

Note 4: ??? (newspaper journalist)
The reporter's name, family name first, is Yotsuya Keiichirou (Žl’JŒ[ˆê˜Y). He works for the Yominichi Shinbun. As Jeff Hansen points out in his translation of manga vol. 6, "the name 'Yominichi' comes from merging the names of two real-life Tokyo newspapers, the 'Yomiuri' and the 'Mainichi'". The Guide's mention of the Asahi Shinbun is wrong, but that is another real-life Japanese newspaper.

Note 5: Madurai
There is some confusion here, since there are two different people named Madurai. The first paragraph refers to Eru Madurai, and the second refers to Bemu Madurai, aka S. Connelly (Sean Connery?!). Eru Madurai is Connelly's daughter. I'm not sure on the romanization of the first names, or even which language they are derived from, so these are direct romanizations of the Japanese.

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