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News - January 2003

January 29, 2003

New Takada manga: The Booking Life

Hulmy pointed out that Young Magazine has posted some an advertisement on their web site for the new human-interest medical drama, The Booking Life, which is quite a change of pace for Takada-sensei. Here is my poor literal translation of both pages:

Pioneering in a new situation!
The new serialized story you've been waiting for!

Genuine medical human story

A three-issue and 81 page large volume, starting in issue 10!!

[page 2]
For 3x3 EYES creator Takada-sensei, a complete change from adventure romance with a normal medical drama is a challenge!!
Until now, he had no experience with "hospital things", so starting from zero he creates a "medical scene"!

[plot overview - tiny blue text]
"Zero mismatch", the coincidence of a perfect match of blood type, HLA antigens, lymph nodes [and so on], out of 6 billion people, what are the odds of finding another person just like you.

Attacked(?) during a robbery, his vital signs falling into a critical state, Kusumi Kentaro, age 22, is rushed to the hospital.

"Is this heaven!?"

While regaining consciousness, he sees the angelic face of a beautiful girl! Could Hasegawa Kirin, who came to keep him company, become a "zero mismatch" heart donor?

Ten days later, a recovering Kusumi says to Kirin, "Your life... would you sell it for 3000 yen?"

Kusumi suddenly tries to hire the organ transplant coordinator, Kisaragi Ryoko! What is the true motive for Kisaragi!?

The story looks very intriguing, and no, I'm not sure what the title "the booking life" might mean. Based on the small bits of medical jargon in the ad, I would hate to try to read the whole manga. Issue 10 of Young Magazine should go on sale in Japan next week. With only three chapters, the story is probably too short to collect in a tankoubon, so unless you can find the magazine, you might miss out.

January 13, 2003

First, sincere thanks go to David Copewell and Hulmy, who posted most of the following news to the 3x3 Eyes Mailing List throughout 2002. It would have been impossible for me to catch up on all of the happenings without their help. Hulmy's web site is currently offline, but you can visit David Copewell's site at http://fly.to/shibai for more information.

3x3 Eyes manga ends in Japan

After appearing for nearly 15 years in the pages of Young Magazine, the final chapter of 3x3 Eyes was published on September 9, 2002. The special edition of the magazine included a small mousepad, a short comic titled "Fight! Yuzo", and a CD-ROM containing some mini-games. I don't have much to say about how the series ends, since I haven't seen the last chapter yet.

Final manga volumes, guidebook published

3x3 Eyes #39 and 3x3 Eyes #40, the last volumes of collected manga, were both released on November 6, 2002. Volume 40 contains an extra chapter that did not appear in Young Magazine, and there was also a limited special edition of vol. 40 that included a CD-ROM with mini-games, reportedly different from the magazine CD-ROM.

Also published on the same day was 3x3 Eyes The Final, billed as the last, best 3x3 Eyes guidebook. The 200-page book contains a revealing 66-page interview with Takada-sensei, where he divulges never-before-published secrets about the series, including answers to the questions most asked by hardcore fans. It also contains farewell messages from the publishing staff and the people behind the anime and games, including a special talk with voice actors Megumi Hayashibara and Kouji Tsujitani.

New translated manga volumes from Dark Horse

Now that the big news is out of the way, I'll review some of the events since my last update in February 2001. Dark Horse and Studio Proteus have continued to publish new translated 3x3 Eyes chapters in Super Manga Blast!, which is up to issue #27 as of today. Two 3x3 Eyes trade paperbacks have been available from Dark Horse for some time, but starting in November 2001 they began to publish new trade paperbacks collecting the SMB! chapters. The latest book was just released earlier this month. Here are the books published so far:

3x3 Eyes: Flight of the Demon TPB
Published November 07, 2001
Contains stories from Super Manga Blast #1-7
3x3 Eyes: Blood of the Sacred Demon TPB
Published March 06, 2002
Contains stories from Super Manga Blast #8-11
3x3 Eyes: Summoning of the Beast TPB
Published August 14, 2002
Contains stories from Super Manga Blast #12-16
3x3 Eyes: Key to the Sacred Land TPB
Published January 02, 2003
Contains stories from Super Manga Blast #17-20

Visit the Dark Horse site for more information on their available 3x3 Eyes titles (cover thumbnails).

Special-edition manga volumes published in Japan

In April and May 2002, Kodansha published some special oversized manga volumes containing the early chapters of the 3x3 Eyes manga. These books were titled Shinsouban 3x3 Eyes, meaning enhanced or refurbished edition. The books have the same page dimensions as the regular manga volumes, but they are much thicker, corresponding to two or three of the regular volumes. The four books contain the same manga chapters as the first 11 regular books; in other words, the first three story arcs before the "Trinetra" story arc. The Kodansha web site has pages (in Japanese) for book 1, book 2, book 3, and book 4, as well as a special first edition of book 1 that comes in an illustrated box with a T-shirt and postcard set.

Memorial game collection released on DVD-ROM

On December 13, 2002, Nihon Create released 3x3 Eyes Memorial, a special edition (limited to 3,333 copies) of their three PC games on DVD-ROM. In addition the the games, the set contains a "treasure" DVD movie, an illustrated box capable of holding 4 DVDs, a desk calendar with images not previously used, and 2 of 6 possible character badges (pins?). You'll notice an Amazon link on the Nihon Create site, and you can order books internationally, but they won't ship the game outside of Japan.

What's next for Takada-sensei?

Now that Takada-sensei is not busy creating new 3x3 Eyes manga chapters every week, what is he doing? Well, he has started new chapters of the Genzo Hitogata Kiwa manga, which is published monthly in Afternoon magazine. Enough new chapters have been created that Genzo #3 collected volume was published on December 20, 2002. In addition to this outdated 3x3 Eyes site, I also have a badly-outdated Genzo site called Puppet's Heart, where I will try to post more information on this title soon.

The latest Takada-related news in the USA is the upcoming release of Cat Girl Nuku Nuku on DVD from AD Vision. The bilingual release will be available on February 11. If you didn't know, the Blue Seed anime is already available as a Perfect Collection DVD set containing all 26 episodes.

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