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Seima Densetsu 3x3 EYES

[MCD game cover]

This roleplaying game was created by Sega for their Mega-CD add-on to the Mega Drive game system (better known as the Sega CD and Genesis in the USA). I am working on a full review, but here are some screenshots to introduce the game.

(Some of the shots have a greenish tint, particularly visible on Sonic's red shoes. This is due to a problem with the Snappy capture device, and the images look better on a TV screen.)


shot 1
it's time for some retro gaming!
shot 2
three hundred years ago in the Sanjiyan holy land...
shot 3
a young girl fights to save her people
shot 4
the evil leader, Kaiyanwang, is sealed by magic
shot 5
Benares rallies the troops
shot 6
Yakumo reads his father's letter while Pai and Mama look on
shot 7
Yakumo and Pai rush to stop Pai's out-of-control pet
shot 8
after a close encounter with Takuhi, Yakumo is surprised to be alive
shot 10
editor Chin Aguri is too busy looking in a window to talk
shot 11
oh, so that's what he was staring at!
shot 12
Ling Ling is overcome by Pai's cuteness
shot 13
the stats of the party early in the game

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Screenshots by me using a Snappy capture device.

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